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Breed Notes 28.03.24

Sue Pinkham and lovely Lexi were part of the Flappers at weekend taking part in Allbreedience, this is similar to Obreedience just with a team of a mix of breeds, Lexi did the retrieve with distraction and they came a fantastic 5th place. Also competing on Saturday was the Harrison’s as part of Danesford obedience […]

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Breed Notes 21.03.24

It’s a week since I returned from Crufts so time to reflect on how the Manchester’s faired over the four days!! Thursdays Obreedience finally took place from 12pm and were tightly contested. Before I continue I would just like to mention our Team Captain Brenda who sadly lost her lovely girl Sadie last week, she […]

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Breed notes 07.03.24

Well its here, the biggest dog show in the universe!! I don’t have anything to report on as this was in early. Just want to say a massive good luck to all Manchester’s and their owners taking part over the next four days in whichever discipline! A quick reminder where you can catch them….. Thursday […]

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Breed Notes 29.02.24

The joint Open and Championship shows were held on Saturday 24th! Our judge for the Open show was Sue Smith, she gave a lovely introduction to the exhibitors before judging commenced. Her main winners were: BB & BIS Digelsa Date Night at Holitaire. BD & RBIS Ch Talanors time for fun ShCe. BPD & BPIS […]

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Breed notes 22.02.24

So, with Crufts sneaking up on us here’s the names in the teams to look out for.   As mentioned in last week news, our Obreedience team Manchesters Reunited or Team MRU, will be in action on the Thursday 7th from 12pmin hall 5. The team members are Brenda (our Team Captain) with Sadie, Ann Harrison with Ash, […]

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