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The KC Breed Records Supplement (BX3) dropped through my door a few days ago, noticeably much thinner than usual. Reading the accompanying letter this edition was compiled a month earlier due to the upgrading of their systems (which have caused many a discussion!) Only registrations for July and August are included and the final KC […]

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28/09/20202 With the Covid restrictions being tightened again it becomes difficult to socialise your dogs which is so frustrating for puppy owners. Small mooches are a great way to stay safe and help your dogs gain confidence whilst complying with the stay safe rules. Speak to your local mooch co-ordinator to see if they can […]

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21/09/20 I am extremely sad to be starting this weeks notes with the heartbreaking news that Meg Dowen lost her boy Brian on sunday, far too soon after being diagnosed with cancer. Anyone who knows Meg will know how absolutely devastating this is for her and her family. I know we all love our dogs […]

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13/09/20 Beginning this week with a shocking visit to the vets that Dubhglas Gray shared with us; ‘Wayne and I had to take Willow to the out of hours Glasgow University Vet Hospital as she had an infected anal gland. We had to sit in the car and the vet told Wayne that he would […]

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Sadly but not surprisingly, the Pet Sow at the NEC has now been cancelled. It’s such a shame that we lost all our breed stands at the Game fairs and other events throughout this year. They are a fantastic opportunity for people to see our fabulous breed and watch them at full speed competing in […]

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