For many of us it is very rare to meet another Manchester Terrier (MT) on our walks. These group-walks (Mooches) were set-up to encourage Manchesters and their owners to meet and socialise with others and have fun. All walks normally have the option of Cafe, Pub lunch or Picnic.

The term ‘Manchester Mooch’ was created at the first organised MT walk on Formby beach. It has since been adopted by others across the country to describe a gathering of Manchester Terriers out to have fun and socialise.

Mooches also enable owners and those wanting to know more about MTs to meet with likeminded people who are very happy to share their knowledge and experience of our wonderful breed. Other breeds are welcome to join us on our Mooches.

Some group walks are well established and others are in the early stages. Regions and areas with established mooches are listed in the side menu.  Each page includes contact details, details of forthcoming walks and reports from recent walks along with some fantastic pictures.  Some of these regions also have a facebook page. Ad hoc mooches are advertised below in Mooch news and in the British Manchester Terrier Fan Page. facebook page.  Please take your time and browse through the posts about recent walks and see some wonderful pictures.

For more information about Manchester Terriers, planned Mooches and to advertise your Mooch on this page please contact:

Lesley Olbinson
M: 07989 154386

Mooch News

South East Mooch 20th September – Cookham, Maidenhead

South East Mooch 20th September – Cookham, Maidenhead So restricted numbers meant quite a few people bowed out gracefully and I want to start by saying thank you to those that did. I’m sure everyone thought it was the last day of sun for this year as crazy busy and parking not the easiest, but […]

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Cookham mooch 20th Sept

With Covid rules we are only able to have 6 people at this event. I have made contact with all as best I can online & on Facebook and have now got a selected few attending. Thank you everyone for being so gracious in pulling out on request. Not a pleasant to have to ask. […]

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Coombe Bissett Mooch Saturday 14th August.

Linda Shaw reports: Coombe Bissett Mooch Saturday 14th August. A different kind of write up to the norm as this was a closed event for those that had pitches for the summerlands site. So whilst private official mooch on the Saturday most were staying 4 nights or more and so I think more appropriate to […]

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Northern Mooch down the Mersey

Well today was our 1st post lockdown Northern Mooch and we sure picked a nice day for it!! 18 MT’s (and Todd of course) and their humans enjoyed a much welcomed mooch down the Mersey, the dogs were clearly happy to see each other and we all enjoyed seeing our friends and catching up too!! […]

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South East Manchester Mooch – Saturday 11th July Basingstoke Canal

Manchester Mooch – Saturday 11th July Basingstoke Canal Our first mooch since Covid-19 and whilst small bubble gathering it was wonderful, fun and so lovely to see our Mannies catching up with friends. So perfect and just what all about; we got the pleasure of Carol and Richard who are interested in the breed who […]

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