Manchester Terrier Mooch

For many of us it is very rare to meet another Manchester Terrier (MT) on our walks. These group-walks (Mooches) were set-up to encourage Manchesters and their owners to meet and socialise with others and have fun.  The term ‘Manchester Mooch’ was created at the first organised MT walk on Formby beach. It has since been adopted by others across the country to describe a gathering of Manchester Terriers out to have fun and socialise.

Mooches also enable owners and those wanting to know more about MTs to meet with likeminded people who are very happy to share their knowledge and experience of our wonderful breed. Other breeds are welcome to join us on our Mooches.

Some group walks are well established and others are in the early stages. Forthcoming mooches are advertised in the Mooch Links and Mooch News below.

More about Mooches

The Northern division has had a number of successful Mooches on Formby beach, L37 1LJ, with varied numbers of Manchesters in attendance; the record is 39. After the Mooch we convene in the car park for refreshments and a chat before we take our exhausted pooches home. Mooches in new locations have also been included recently.

Check posts for more information about past and forthcoming walks or contact: Lesley Olbinson E:

South East
The South East has walks at different locations and we are always open to suggestions for new places to explore. The numbers attending are gradually growing. As with all our mooches, they are designed as a social gathering and for those that want to know more about the breed. Other dogs are welcome.

For your diary - SE's planned mooches for 2018 - Information can be found in a post dated 15 February 2018. More information about each mooch will be in posts nearer the time of the walk.

South West
The South West mooch is on Berrow Beach, Somerset, TA8 2QX. The numbers attending are gradually growing, the current record is 10 MTs.

Check the posts for more information about forthcoming walks or contact Jill Buxton

Warwickshire & Midlands
The Warwickshire and Midlands has had a number of successful mooches in Kenilworth with over 25 dogs in attendance. Further walks are planned in this and other locations and the group is open to suggestions.

Check the posts for more information about forthcoming walks or contact Sonia Owczarek M: 07525 630164

Yorks & Lincs Region 
This is a new group with its first planned walk on 17 March 2018 at Fraisthorpe Beach, Bridlington.

Check posts for more information about this and forthcoming walks or contact: Angie Ashton on M:07745934257

Mooch Links
Photo Gallery

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

Northern Manchester Terrier Mooch

South East - photos Linda Walker

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Manchester Terrier Mooch SE

Club Contact
For more information about Manchester Terriers and planned Mooches contact:

Lesley Olbinson
M: 07989 154386

Pre happening mooch 12/06/18

Prehappening SE Mannie Mooch – 12th June Dedham & Flatford Wonderful mooch which Sarah kindly hostessed as unfortunately Keith had to work. So whilst still in the South East it is not an area I have been and we all made the most of this great location and all dogs very well behaved with the […]

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South east Mannie Mooch 10/06/18

South East Mannie Mooch 10th June at Basingstoke Canal Centre – Mytchett. What a lovely mooch where the sun was shining and certainly got a few us in the holiday spirit. A smaller number of 10 Manchesters but no surprise with another mooch on Tuesday and everyone getting ready for the European Happening! Still we […]

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03/06/18 York’s & Lincs division

A lovely afternoon at the beach with 6 MT’s and their parents. We had a new love affair with Layla & Mich who hardly left each others side. A first off the lead experience and great progress made for some anxious dogs. Beautiful to see so much fun being had by all. Great to welcome […]

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03/06/18 Northern division

A most excellent Mooch on a very sunny Formby!! 16 Manchester’s and 3 Irish setters had fun paddling and chasing each other through the sea and up the beach! We turned round as people started to un pack their picnics as I don’t think they would have appreciated being joined by our pack 😁🐾

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South east mooch

Pre The Happening South East Mooch At Basingstoke Canal Centre, Mytchett, GU16 6DD, 10th June at 10.30am Whilst not near The Happening, it should get us excited ready for the following weekend. This is about an hour and a half walk at slowish pace with a few hills in woodland & heathland area. Cafe stop […]

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