Health including Renal

Manchester Terriers are in general a healthy breed of dog, little troubled by minor ailments.
As with any breed of dog, the provision of adequate care will ensure most health problems are kept at bay.

Genetic disorders are thankfully few with Manchester Terriers. There is no evidence to suggest that, at present, there are any widespread problems in the UK, however with increasing numbers of renal failure in the breed our health committee have created a guide to help members understand the condition and inform them of the steps being taken by the club. Please click on the below link for the article.

Renal information

Advice on other health:

Click on this link to find a clear description of Von Willebrands Disease (vWD)

Click here to read Dr Jeff Sampson talk on vWD given at the BMTC AGM in 2009

Advice on spaying /neutering

Breed Health Survey

Our 10 Basic Care Guidelines for the Manchester Terrier to optimise the dogs health

1) The provision of a dry and draught free sleeping area.

2) Feeding a suitable diet, appropriate to the age and activity level of the dog.

3) Preventing obesity

4) Providing sufficient daily exercise

5) Regular annual health checks at the veterinary surgeon, undertaking yearly innoculations to protect against infectious canine diseases.

6) Regular worming

7) Dental care to prevent tooth decay and long term health problems

8) Ensuring a lead and collar is used with appropriate ID tag

9) Correct disposal of dog faeces ( Poop Scoop)

10) Follow the guidelines as set out by the KC Good Citizen Award ~ Click for more information from the UK Kennel Club site