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13/09/20 Beginning this week with a shocking visit to the vets that Dubhglas Gray shared with us; ‘Wayne and I had to take Willow to the out of hours Glasgow University Vet Hospital as she had an infected anal gland. We had to sit in the car and the vet told Wayne that he would […]

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Sadly but not surprisingly, the Pet Sow at the NEC has now been cancelled. It’s such a shame that we lost all our breed stands at the Game fairs and other events throughout this year. They are a fantastic opportunity for people to see our fabulous breed and watch them at full speed competing in […]

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The Summer edition of the  KCbreed records supplement shows 30 MT puppies born in 7 litters. Each litter had a different sire. Total registrations to date is 71 puppies.  With the Covid puppy boom of extortionately priced mongrels happening all over the UK, the numbers indicate that at least MT breeders are not taking advantage […]

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Starting this week with some news from the BMTC Committee. Health Committee:  With regret we announce Jackie Brown has resigned as KC Breed Health Co-ordinator and from the Chair of the BMTC Health Committee. Jackie, a founding member of the HC, has freely given her time, experience in the field of genetics and vast knowledge […]

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Two Mooches took place last weekend at opposite ends of the country. Our Northern pack took to a cloudy Formby, just a small group this week as the weather was extremely unchangeable!! 8 Mts raced through the sea chasing Todd who had the sense to go in deeper to avoid advances from his fans and […]

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