About the BMTC

bmtc-club-idThe British Manchester Terrier Club was formed in 1937, appropriately at a meeting held at Manchester Championship Show. It was members of this club who were instrumental in saving the breed from extinction following the Second World War, so it surely has earned the right to be known as the guardian of the breed. Today, the British Manchester Terrier Club is here to promote and support the breed as a whole.

Over the years several breed clubs had existed to promote the breed, but only one survived the trials of the 1940’s and 50’s, The British Manchester Terrier Club.

The National Black & Tan Terrier Club – founded in 1908. President Lieut. Col. CS Dean amalgamated with the BMTC in 1939

Other clubs included:-
The South of England Black & Tan Terrier Club. Founded in 1905. President Col. CS Dean
Manchester or Black & Tan Terrier Club
Black & Tan Terrier Club (England). President C.Higgs
Black & Tan Terrier Club (Scotland) Patron Duke of Portland
Black & Tan Terrier Club ( Ireland) President C Pattrick

We held our first independent championship show in 1980. We continue to hold champion, open and limit shows on an annual basis.

In addition to holding regular dog shows we also hold annual ‘fun days’ and a ‘get together’ to involve all our members especially those interested in the breed but do not wish to show.

We publish a small amount of literature to support you in the care of your dog and have a dedicated fund to support the rehoming of those dogs that fall on hard times.

We have a record of every Champion made up in our printed Book of Champions. This is subject to regular updating

We have a dedicated membership and committee who are prepared to give information on all matters relating to the breed.
Prior to purchasing a Manchester Terrier we have many members who are willing for you to visit and see their dogs in the home environment.

Our members have represented Manchester Terriers at every Discover Dogs event since inception. Both in London and at the world famous Crufts Dog Show. At crufts in 2010 our breed booth got 3rd place out of 210 in the competition to find the best breed stand. In 1997, we won the Best Booth at London Discover Dogs. This was repeated at Crufts in 2005.