Breed Notes 29.02.24

The joint Open and Championship shows were held on Saturday 24th! Our judge for the Open show was Sue Smith, she gave a lovely introduction to the exhibitors before judging commenced. Her main winners were: BB & BIS Digelsa Date Night at Holitaire. BD & RBIS Ch Talanors time for fun ShCe. BPD & BPIS Wystry Depths of Glory for Sizlin. BVD & BVIS Ch Magpiebank Ash. RBB Erkenwyne Silver Seraph. BPB & RBPIS Rooksblack Madam Mim. BVB & RBVIS Rattustrap Citra at Carapast. Carol Wicker was our Championship judge who gave top places to: DCC & BIS Plantocrcy Bold Bruce. RDCC CH Talanors Time for Fun ScCe. BCC, BVB, BVIS & BOS CH Talanors Typically Special. RBCC Magpiebank Breeze for Marlablue. BPD & BPIS Wystry Depths of Glory for Sizlin. BVD & RBVIS Paucelin Andoni at Carapast. There was an absolutely amazing atmosphere all day, the only time the hall was quiet, when the main places were being given, you could hear a pin drop, I know hard to believe with a hall full of MT’s but it’s true, when the DCC was being chosen and that changed to rapturous applause when Louise Plants, Bruce was awarded his first CC, one that’s been too long coming, these continued when he went on to take BIS to crown his day! The same for the BCC placings, Clive taking the CC and Bethany Cawley and little Breeze taking the RCC from junior class! Must mention that my Boy MrD really enjoyed his day strutting his stuff at nearly 14 years old, he has always been a real show off for the girlies and will continue as long as he is fit, very chuffed with him winning the Vintage class the BVD & RBVIS in the Championship show. Many thanks go to our wonderful committee for all their hard work and time to pull off back-to-back shows seamlessly, providing free refreshment all day too!! To our merchandise ladies for manning the stall all day, to our judges giving up their day to be with us and of course to all who came to exhibit or just to chat, without you there would be no show. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I don’t know about anyone else but I slept most of Sunday, as did the dogs. A reminded that the BMTC Annual General Meeting will be held on 7th April 2024Start time: 10.30 am At Shenstone Village Hall, Barnes Road, Shenstone, WS14 0LT. All details for nominations etc are available on the BMTC members area AGM section. Only one week left until Crufts, hope you’ve got you tickets!!

Have a great week.

Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)


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