Club Show Results

BMTC Limit show 16th June 2024

Judges: Gareth Brown (Wystry) dogs. Christy Straughan (Mannikai)

Referee: Lesley Olbinson (Carapast)

BB BVB BIS & BVIS 17 Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW ShCM (Thurlow)

BD BVD RBIS & RBVIS 8 Talanors Diamond Trickster (Gregory)

RBD 4 Rattustrap Beer Humbug (Earle)

RBB 14 Spring Wren at Plantocracy (Plant)

BPB & BPIS 20 Rooksblack Madam Mim (Watkins)

RBPIS 11 Ruffagga Minnie Mouse (Miller)

Class 1: Puppy Dog (0)

Class 2: Beginners Dog – 10 Erkenwyne Wildfire (Lancaster)

Class 3: Tyro Dog

1st 4 Rattustrap Beer Humbug (Earle)

2nd 10 Erkenwyne Wildfire (Lancaster)

3rd 5 Thunder Dragon Precious Adventure (Imp NLD) (Fitch)

Class 4: Post Graduate Dog

1st 4 Rattustrap Beer Humbug (Earle)

2nd 15 Plantocracy Dapper Dexter (Swart)

3rd 12 Rattustrap Sound Wave (Minnikin)

Class 5: Open Dog (0)

Class 6: Veteran Dog

1st 8 Talanors Diamond Trickster (Gregory)

2nd 19 Eaglespur Marcus Maximus (Walker)

Class 7: Puppy Bitch

1st 20 Rooksblack Madam Mim (Watkins

2nd 11 Ruffagga Minnie Mouse (Miller)

Class 8: Beginners Bitch (0)

Class 9: Tyro Bitch – 9 Magpiebank Rayn (Harrison)

Class 10: Post Graduate Bitch – 2 Erkenwyne Firecracker (Lancaster)

Class 11: Open Bitch

1st 14 Spring Wren at Plantocracy (Plant)

2nd 18 Erkenwyne Silver Seraph (Thurlow)

3rd 3 Magpiebank Breeze for Marlablue (Cawley & Stockton)

Res 6 Mojero Solamente Uno (Geraghty)

Class 12: Veteran Bitch

1st 17 Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW ShCM (Thurlow)

2nd 13 Rattustrap Tantalum (Minnikin)

3rd 6 Mojero Solamente Uno (Geraghty)

Res 1 Ttombower Princess Phoebe for Harliboo (Boot)

BMTC Championship Show 24 February 2024

Judge: Ms Carol Wicker (Mimbre)

Results & Critiques


BMTC Open Show 24 February 2024

Judge: Dr Suzanne Smith (Simjest)

Results & Critiques



BMTC Champ Show 14 October 2023

B O’Neill Judge (Megellan)


BMTC Limit Show – Sunday 18 June 2023 – Stoneleigh – Judge Mr D Gray (Clanmarshal)

Results & Critique


BMTC Open show 2023 results & critique.

25th February 2023

BB & BIS Bennett’s Eaglespur Full of Charm

RBB & RBIS Straughan & Cripps’ Talanors Time to Shine at Mannikai

BD & BOS O’Neill’s Megellan Artemis Argentis

RBD Spain’s Ch. Talanors Diamond Tornado

BPB & BPIS Plant’s Spring Wren at Plantocracy

BPD Gray & Travis’ Clanmarshal Edwardian Star

BVIS Barlow’s Nightfury Bold Venture, JW ShCM

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Judge elect had to withdraw from this appointment so, with good notice, I was asked if I would be prepared to bring forward my 2024 appointment.  This I was happy to do.   I am sure that Suzanne will get as much pleasure from judging next year as I did this year.  A warm welcome awaited me together with a quality entry.  Bites were all good as was colour although the lovely rich tan markings were, naturally, beginning to fade in some of the older dogs.

Veteran Dog (3:2)  1.  Straughan & Cripps Talanors In For A Treat.  Spritely, well-muscled 7 year old.  Handsome, wedge shaped head.  Dark eye. Good ears.  Long, strong Neck. Good depth and spring of rib.  Correct top line with slight arch over loin.  Moderate angulation to front and quarters.  Moved well.

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 1.  Mallinson’s Holtaire Rasmus.  Raw baby of 7 months.  Pleasing head, perhaps a bit full in eye. Ears were fine. Long neck, well-made front and quarters.  Correctly set tail.  In good body condition, short loin.  Appeared rather uneasy and was having some comment to make!

Puppy Dog (1)  1. Gray & Travis’ Clanmarshal Edwardian Star.  Happy chap with delightful temperament. Pleasing head with length to foreface, would prefer better ear carriage. Good length of neck, adequate lay of shoulder and return of upper arm.  Good body, deep ribs. Moderate quarters. Nice outline. A bit proud of his tail rather today. Moved with purpose.  Best Puppy Dog

Junior Dog (0)

Beginners Dog(0)

Post Graduate Dog (2)  1. Bunning’s Ysabelkid Dusty Fog.  Tall well-balanced dog of 20 months.  Dark, almond shaped eye. Long, clean neck.  Well laid shoulder with upper arm bringing forelegs well under his body.  Deep ribs.  Muscular, well-made quarters with good bend to stifle. Correctly set and carried tail.  Moved well and professionally handled.  2.  Bratcher’s Rattustrap Dark Matters at Carnifex. Smaller dog with nice outline. Pleasing head, dark eyes but ears were somewhat wayward! Balanced angles front and rear. Level top line with rise over loin.  Not the movement of 1.  Carried his tail rather high.

Limit Dog (3:2)  O’Neill’s Megellan Artemis Argentis.  Smart looking, 4 year old.  Handsome, balanced, head.  Dark, sparkling eyes.  Keen expression. Good ear set. Clean crested neck.  Strong top line, deep ribs, short sturdy loin.  Clean well laid shoulders. Muscular quarters. Shown in good, fit condition. Presented a lovely outline and was alert and on his toes. Moved well. Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex in Show.

Open Dog (5)  1.  Spain’s Ch. Talanors Diamond Tornado.  Nicely marked 6 ½ year old of standard size.    Dark, well-shaped eyes, alert expression. Good shoulder and front.   Deep chest. Strong top line with rise over the loin.  Short, Well set and carried tail. Muscular quarters with good bend to stifle. Moved well. Happy temperament.   Reserve Best Dog.  2.  Barlow’s Ch Talanors Time for Magic.  Slightly smaller in stature than 1 but retaining substance. Wedge shaped head, neat ears, set well.  Dark eye.  Strong neck to well laid shoulder. Deep chest, well-angled quarters.  3.  Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce.

Veteran Bitch (4:2)   Two lovely 8 year olds.  1.  Barlow’s Nightfury Bold Venture, JW ShCM. Lovely outline. Neat ears, dark eye.  Deep chest. Well bodied. Matching angles to front and quarters with correct top line. Moved well.  Best Veteran in Show.  2.  Boot’s Ttombowor Princess Phoebe for Harliboo.  Slightly larger girl, enthusiastic on the move. Good head shape with dark eyes. Reasonable Ears.  Nicely made front and well-constructed quarters. Preferred the shorter body of the winner. Moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)  1.  Plant’s Spring Wren at Plantocracy.  Best Puppy Bitch.  At just 6 months old, she was a little unsure to start but soon gained confidence.  Lovely shape. Attractive head, long neck. Dark eyes.  Strong top line to correctly set and carried tail. Well-built quarters. Needed to settle in movement but got her act together in the challenge for Best Puppy in Show.  2. Entwistle’s Holtaire Runa.  7 months old presenting a nice outline. Shiny coat of good texture but, unfortunately, she wasn’t settled on the move.  Well angled quarters, needs to strengthen in front which will come with maturity. Pleasing head and expression. Ears need to settle.

Puppy Bitch (2)  1.  Watkins’ Rooksblack Midnight Bella.  Lovely outline, in good condition. Wedge shaped head with correctly shaped, dark eye.  Would prefer better ear carriage. Long neck to good front, deep chest. Well angled quarters. Movement was a bit erratic.  2.  O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Goddess Gloria.  Long, well-shaped head of finer build than 1. Dark eyes. Good neck. Deep brisket.  She appeared of good construction but, sadly, was not happy being handle so not easy to assess.  Her reluctance also impacted on her movement. I do hope she gains confidence.

Junior Bitch (2)   1. Sharpe’s Rosettia Keepsake. Quality bitch with a good outline.  Attractive well shaped head. Dark almond shaped eye.  Correctly set and carried ears, although one ear appeared to still be settling. Good length of neck with crest. Well-made front with good lay of shoulder and forelegs well under her body.  Deep ribbing with good top and underline.  Muscular quarters.  Correctly set and carried tail. Good coat texture. Free mover.  Considered for top honours.  2.  O’Boyle’s Rattustrap Happy To Be Here at Ruffagga.  Enthusiastic show girl with delightful temperament.   Good head with length to foreface. Would prefer better ears.  Dark eyes, good neck. Strong top line with correct rise. Well angled quarters. Preferred the more settled presentation of 1.

Beginners Bitch (0)

Post Graduate Bitch (5)  1.  Bennett’s Eaglespur Full of Charm and, indeed, she is.  Quality 2 ½ years old. Super, long, well balanced head, neat, correctly carried ears, dark almond shaped eyes with good expression.  Clean, crested neck and deep, well sprung ribs. Strong bone and good body condition.  Muscular well-made quarters with good bend of stifle and correctly carried tail. Presented a lovely profile with good top and under line.  Sound on the move holding her outline. My find of the day – Best Bitch and Best in Show.   2.  Lomas’ Hurrockheath Miss Emmeline.  Neat bitch similar in outline to 1.  Nice ear set, dark sparkling eyes. Compact body. Good top line. Well set tail.  Preferred the hind construction of the winner.  3.  O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Hermione at Ruffagga

 Limit Bitch (1)  1.  O’Neill’s  Magicus Silvestris Sweet Bonnie at Magellan (Imp)  Delightful bitch of 17 months.  Neat, elegant outline and gleaming coat. Attractive head, dark eye, neat ears. Strong neck. Deep chest, good underline, solid top line.  Well-made quarters with good bend of stifle. Correctly set and carried tail. Good temperament.

Open Bitch (6:1)   A quality class which made decision making challenging.  1.  Straughan & Cripps’ Talanors Time to Shine at Mannikai  Reserve Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show.  Solidly built but retaining elegance.  Sparkling, well-shaped eyes, strong clean neck. Well set ears. Deep chest and good forechest.  Matching angles fore and aft.  Shown in lovely body condition.  Good temperament. Moved well.  Slightly smaller in stature than the rest in the class 2.  Rudd’s Digelsa Dark Velvet. Similar in shape and outline to 1.  Balanced head, dark eyes with lovely expression.  High set ears. Clean neck to good shoulder and front.  Strong, well angled quarters. Moved well.  3. Olbinson & Kelly’s Rattustrap Citra at Carapast

Junior Handling 6-11 Years (1)  Ch.Talanors Time for Magic.  Expertly shown by her young, 8 year old handler who paid attention and listened to instructions. Her dog was sympathetically handled on the table and moved around the ring at the correct pace. Well done.

Brace (3:1)  1.  O’Neils. Well-matched twosome who moved in unison      2.  Spain’s.  Another well matched pair but the younger girl decided she was not going to co-operate!

Lyn Hewson



BMTC Championship show 2022 results and critique.

BCC & BIS Mr C Boot Ysabelkid Calamity Jane.

Res B CC Miss L & M Olbinson & Kelly Rattustrap Citra at Carapast.

DCC &RBIS Mr & Mrs F&P Warner Talanors Time For Fun.

Res DCC Mrs B O’Neill Magellan Artemis Argentis.

BPB & BPIS Mrs V & Miss L Sharpe. Rosettia Keepsake.

BPD & RBPIS Mr D Gray & Mr W Travis. Clanmarshal Edwardian Star.

BVDIS & BV Mrs A Hebb Paucelin Falster.

BVB Mrs J Walker Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin.

Judges critique:

Judge Mr Nigel Norris Brookstream.

It is a great honour to have this opportunity to judge the British Manchester terrier club championship show after showing and judging for 35 years. After judging Crufts club shows are the pinnacle. although classes are somewhat small at the moment I found some very nice examples of the breed. I would like to thank all exhibitors for their entry.

MPD (2)

1st Mr D Grey and Mr W Travis Clanmarshal Edwardian star. Six months puppy, nice all round shape, good teeth, correct marking, dark eye, well carried ears although a little heavy, well laid shoulders with a nice top line, good bend of stifle, Moved well. BPD & RBPIS.

2nd Ms C Swart, Plantocracy Dapper Dexter. Seven months, correct markings, dark eye,, good teeth, well held ears, tight feet, nice tail sets, not quite the showman as one.

PD (1)

Plantocracy Dapper Dexter.

JD (2)

1st Ms E Bunning Ysabelkid Dusty Fog. Very nice type dog, good length wedge shaped head, excellent teeth and bite, nice dark almond shaped eye, correct black and tan markings with pencilling on tight feet, deep chest well tucked up, good narrow front, moved steadily around the ring.

2nd Plantocracy Dapper Dexter.

ND (1)

Plantocracy Dapper Dexter.

GD (2)

1st Mr d Palmer Egloshayle sorcerer. Up to size but all male, plenty of bone for size, wedged head, dark eye, good strong jaw and bite, straight front, deep chest, moved well round the ring.

2nd Mr & Mrs A & J Goodwin  X- Pected Dine Mites Doc Holiday at Holitaire (Imp Nor). Liked his type, correct markings, nice chest with legs set under, nice make and shape, nicely presented, good all round, nervous on the table, hope more schooling helps.

PGD (1)

1st Mr & Mrs G & R Minnikin. Rattustrap Sound Wave. Nice all round, wedged head, nice eye, ears ok, nice arch over the loin, a good end of stifle, moved OK.

LD (2)

1st Mrs B O’Neil Megellan Artemis Argentis. Nice type, in proportion, liked the outline of this playful boy, full of character, everything in the right place, this is the head you should be looking for, wedged with strength, Showed and moved well when settled. RCC

2nd Mr and Mrs J And B Harrison Greenjack Norris Cole at Rosadyva. Nice well proportioned dog, with good markings, good teeth with correct bite, flat skull, ears a little heavy, narrow front with legs sets under, correct top line and tail set.

OD (2)

1st Mr and Mrs F&P Warner Talanors time for fun. Good square shapely dog with good bone, correct teeth, dark eye, wedged head, ears well set above the eye and used well giving him the desired expression, deep chest, nice lay of shoulder, bend of stifle and well muscled, all correct markings, tail set on well, moved out well straight and correct with drive. CC & RBIS

2nd Mrs L Plant Plantocracy Bold Bruce. Nice type, different head shape to one, is just not carried as high as would like, good teeth, correct markings, good lay of shoulder, well muscled hind quarters, moved okay.

CHD (2)

1st Mrs D Barlow Talanors time for magic. Liked this dog very much, lovely shape and good Crest of neck, nice dark almond eye, correct markings, well bend of stifle, tight feet, deep chest well tucked up, moved well with drive but a bit proud of his tail.

2nd Mr and Mrs L and A Spain Talanors diamond tornado. Another nice dog, just not the shape of 1, good markings, dark almond eye, straight front, flat back with arch over loin, moved well.

MPB (1A)

PB (5)

1st Mr and Mrs R and V Sharpe Rosettia Keepsake. Lovely feminine 11 months puppy Bitch, glossy coat, nice narrow wedge shaped head, good teeth, dark almond eye, ears carried well over the head, good Crest of neck, well laid shoulders a nice narrow front, legs set under, Flat top line with arch over loin, good bend of stifle, moved well round the ring with correct tail carriage and drive. BPB & BPIS

2nd Mr and Mrs L & A Spain Nespoli You are my sunshine. Smart looking bitch with lovely outline, wedged head, using ears well, Correct bite, dark almond eye, nice marking with dark tan, deep chest, good bend of stifle.

3rd  Ms C Loma Hurrockheath Miss Emmeline.

JB (2)

1st Mrs B O’Neil Magicus Silvestris Sweet Bonnie (Imp Nor). Another nice looking bitch, sound construction, good wedged head, scissor bite, almond dark eyes, well held ears, Crest of neck, straight front with legs set on under, deep brisket & well tucked up, moved with drive, in contention for higher honours.

2nd Mr and Mrs R and V Sharpe Rosettia Keepsake.

NB (1)

Mr D & W Gray & Travis Clanmarshal Fickle Flames. Nicely shaped, long wedged head, good bite, well marked with a dark tan, Movement just lets her down on the day.

GB no entries

PGB (3)

1st Mrs S O’Boyle Plantocracy Hermione at Ruffagga. Sound, correct mouth, dark eye, good markings, dark tan, good shoulders, legs set under, deep brisket, with complimentary tuck up, showed nicely and moved OK.

2nd Ms T Watkins Ruffagga bewitching girl. Nice make an shape, of good proportions all round, nice head, eye, bite, arch over loin, moved okay.

LB (3)

1st Mr C Boot Ysabelkid Calamity Jane at Harliboo. lovely smart young bitch of make and shape, all things you look for in a Manchester, feminine head, correct teeth, dark almond eye, nice ear set, Crest of neck, narrow front with legs set under, good lay off shoulder with correct top line, well curved tuck up, bend of Stifle, muscled, semi hair foot with pencilling on toes. moved out really well with drive and carried tail below level of back, finished off with a smooth glossy coat, could not find anything better than this bitch on the day, showed well for her handler, please to award her BCC & BIS.

2nd Mr & Mrs P & J Forshaw Jandor Moonlight Melody. Another smart Bitch, good head and well used ears, dark eye, nice front well tucked up, lovely top line, good tail set, correct markings showed well.

3rd Mrs J Talbot Harliboo Pretty in Pink.

OB (4)

1st Miss L & M Olbinson & Kelly Rattustrap Citra at Carapast. Nice stylist bitch, feminine head, good teeth, ears up on top, deep chest and nicely tucked up, nice Crest of neck into well Lay of shoulder, well bent stifle, moved with drive and correct tail carriage. RCC

2nd Miss G Corcoran Ch Digelsa Dash of class at Gemris. Nice type, good head shape with dark eye, well carried ears, straight front, good marking and tan, tight feet, just a bit proud of her tail today.

3rd Mr M Rudd Digelsa Dark Velvet.

CHB (1)

1st Mr & Mrs A & J Goodwin Ch Digelsa Dark Night at Holtaire. Lovely all round elegant bitch, everything in the right place, lovely curvy lines, head of God proportions, well held ears, excellent tell carriage, carried well on the move, flowed around the ring.

SPV D/B 7-9yrs (7)

1st Mr & Mrs A Hebb Paucelin Falster JW SHCM. 8 years young male enjoying his day, well correct points all round, smart head, is on top, show and moved well. BVDIS BVIS

2nd Mrs J Walker Ch Talanors Treat me Good at Sizlin SHCM. Another nice veteran, showy girl and enjoying herself, correct proportions, feminine, moved well. BVBIS.

3rd Mrs D Barlow Nightfury Bold Venture.

Sp Vet D/B 10ys or over (1)

1st Mrs B O’Neil Ticknell Hidden Treasureat Megellan. 12 years feminine lady, nice shaped head and expression, good example of the breed, everything in the right place, still good markings with a nice coat, move nicely in the challenge for her young handler.

Breeders D/B (4)

1st Sharpe Rosettia keepsake

2nd O’Neil Megellan Artmis Argentis

3rd Gray & Travis Clanmarshal Edwardian star

Non Breeder D/B (5)

1st Talanors time for fun

2nd Gray& Travis Ruffagga Ghealaich Bhaigh von Clanmarshal. Nice outline to this bitch, good teeth, clear markings, deep chest and good tuck up, tell set on well, move ok.

Brace (4)

1st Goodwin. Matching pair which showed and moved well together with handler.

2nd O’Neil. A pair which moved and showed well.

3rd Gray & Travis



Results and Judge’s Critique
BMTC Championship Show – 9 October 2021

Judge: Estella Saxton (Rattustrap)

BMTC Championship Show 2021

It was an honour to judge the breed I love so much at this Championship Club Show and I would like to thank the BMTC Membership for this invitation. Also to the BMTC Officers & Committee who worked so hard behind the scenes and on the day, to yet again, hold a successful and welcoming event.

To Elaine, Nigel & Sonia my stewards for the day, a huge thank you. The ring ran extremely smoothly and it was wonderful to have your company.

Finally, to the exhibitors. It was a privilege to judge your beautiful dogs. Thank you for your entry and for your sporting acceptance of my decisions, many of which were extremely close.  I was delighted to find my top winners.


BCC & BIS: Straughan & Cripps Talanors Time To Shine At Mannikai
RBCC, BVIS & RBIS: Cawleys Marlablue In A Twirl
DCC: Warners Talanors Time For Fun
RDCC: Plants Plantocracy Bold Bruce
BPIS: Johnsons Carapast Dark Shadows
RBPIS: Harrisons Greenjack Norris Cole
RBVIS: O’Neills Ticknell Hidden Treasure At Megellan



Judge’s Critique – BMTC Open Show – 18 July 2021

Judge: Jane Goodwin (Holtaire)

BMTC Open Show 2021

I would like to thank the BMTC Committee for the honour of judging the Open Show this year 2021.  A big thank you to everyone for a super entry and for the great sportsmanship shown in some very strong classes.  I had some super dogs to go over, both open classes full of quality making for some close decisions.  It was an absolute delight to judge.

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Cawleys Victor James Montague RBVIS

11 yr. old young man who won this class on his overall condition, balance, and positive movement. Although it was a bit too hot for him today, he put in a good performance.  Super wedge head well filled under almond eyes, good ear set.  Good length of neck nicely arched at crest.  Markings still clear.  Compact body with nice spring of rib.  A lovely boy.

2nd Goodmans Joemario Moonlit Shadow

Another 11 yr. old boy who was enjoying his day out.  He has a nice wedge-shaped head, with ears held well correct eye shape and good dentition.  Unfortunately, unhappy on the move and never really got into his stride.  Could do with a little more body weight.

Minor Puppy Dog

No Entries

Puppy Dog

No Entries

Junior Dog

No Entries

Beginners Dog (1)

1st Minnikins Rattustrap Soundwave

3 yr. old standard sized dog with lots to like. His condition really stood out.  He is so well muscled and conditioned, his black jacket shone, and he is nicely marked. Pleasing head with ears held well and typical expression. Compact body, well sprung ribs, and good tuck up with desired rise over loin. Good rear angulation drove him round the ring.

Post Graduate Dog (4 1a)

1st Plants Plantocracy Bold Bruce RBD

I judged this boy as a puppy and really liked him. Pleased to see him again today and how nicely he has matured.  Now 2 yrs. old, he is fulfilling his potential.  He has a super wedge head with small v shaped ears well held.  Nicely marked with a rich tan.

Super deep brisket showing enough fore chest and legs set well under him.

He is well angulated and moved around the ring with positive movement fore and aft.

2nd Knights Talanors Typically Elite

A different type to 1, who at 18 months old is already very mature for his age.  Well-marked standard sized boy, really super wedge-shaped head with almond shaped and dark eyes.  Good ear set held well. Good dentition. Strong neck, arched at crest but would just prefer a little more length to it  Moved out well but just needs to tighten in front movement. Very promising.

3rd Goodmans Joemario Moonlit Shadow

Limit (3 1a)

1st Holmes Egloshayle Black Dylan

Standard sized dog with a good outline  who is compact and elegant with the required short body, well sprung ribs and rise over loin.  Classic wedge-shaped head, good eye shape, ears ok. Nice vent.  Moved around the ring well with good tail carriage.  Would just prefer a little more rear angulation to complete the picture.

2nd Ushers Digelsa Dark Sensation

Masculine boy full of substance with deep chest, well laid shoulders, and nice length of neck. Presented in excellent, super fit condition. Super almond shaped eyes good wedge but would prefer a higher ear set. Muscular hindquarters drove him round the ring but just a little proud of his tail which spoilt his outline on the move.

Open (4)

What a super class, all 4 dog’s good examples of the breed.

1st Barlows Talanors Time for Magic BD RBIS

2 ½ yr. old dog standard sized dog who I  was so pleased to have the opportunity to go over.  He has the most attractive wedge-shaped head, with small v shaped ears perfectly held and super almond shaped eyes which give that wicked expression. Well-marked with a rich tan and nice clear thumbprints.  Strong neck with desired arch at crest. Short bodied, deep chest, narrow front and showing enough fore chest with legs well under him.  He moved with purpose around the ring, at one with his handler on his toes and full of the attitude I was looking for.

2nd Spains Talanors Diamond Tornado

Another super boy  pleasing outline, well-muscled and presented in superb condition. Correct markings.  Strong wedge-shaped head with well held ears, would prefer a more almond shaped eye.  Well sprung ribs, good tuck up and rise over loin.  Well angulated dog who I know can move well but today was just struggling with the heat and not his usual happy self.  Still a lovely boy who is a most worthy champion.

3rd Straughans Talanor In for a Treat

Veteran Bitch (4 1a)

1st Saxton, Dale and Emricks Ch/Ir Champion Rattustrap Imperial Red JW  BVIS

7 ½ yrs standard sized bitch who retains the elegance and outline of a youngster. She has a nice wedged head, well filled under an almond eye and small v shaped ears which she used well. Her markings are still clear, and tan is good.  Well angulated shoulders, nice deep front, and a good tuck up with desired rise over loin.  Her front movement was pleasing showing good reach and she carried herself around the ring with great poise and presence.

2nd Thurlows Erkenwynne Lady Guinevere

8 ½ yr old bitch who was presented in tip top well-muscled condition and is a credit to her owner. Curvy girl with pleasing outline super tuck up and rise over loin. Tan still strong and markings clear.  Nice wedge head, pleasing expression, ears could be a little tighter.  Moved positively around the ring. Just preferred the overall balance of 1.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Knights Talanors Destiny Angel BPIS

What a sweetie, who at 7 mths of age put in a confident performance and won the competition for the dog the judge would like to take home! Elegant, feminine, shapely puppy with such a pleasing outline.  Nice tuck up and rise over loin already present. Beautifully marked with rich tan and clear thumbprints. Good vent.  Super wedged head with well-set ears used well.  Positive movement fore and aft.  She is just where she should be at this age and I will follow her progress with interest.  Sympathetically handled.

Puppy Bitch (2 1a)

1st Bennetts Eaglespur Full of Charm RBPIS

At her first show and what a delightful puppy she is. 11 mth old bitch with shapely outline and full of elegance. Strong wedged head, lovely dark almond eye and well held ears.  Rich tan and clear markings. Happily, carried herself around the ring showing positive movement and with tail carried well. Just lost her underline a little today (Phantom?)   Well-schooled and confidently handled.

I do hope her owner has been bitten by the show bug as she is a promising puppy and one, I look forward to seeing progress.

Junior Bitch (5 1a)

A strong class of lovely bitches and I am sure 1 and 2 will swap places many times.

1st Walkers Sizlin Hey Good Lookin

16 mth old standard size bitch who oozes confidence and was so happy to be in the ring.  Shapely outline with curves all in the right places, good tuck up and rise over loin. correct wedge head, almond eye and ears held well.  Elegant long neck leading into well laid shoulders.  Presented a balanced picture both standing and on the move. Good tail set  carried correctly.  Markings just need to clear on her front legs.  Another promising bitch I shall follow with interest.

2nd Forshaws Jandor Moonlight Melody

16 mth old bitch who is very appealing.  Pretty and feminine standard sized bitch correctly marked with a rich tan.  Well-handled and at one with her owner. Short bodied with good spring of ribs, nice tuck up and rise over loin.  Her head is a good wedge and she has the darkest of eyes.  Well angulated which showed in her positive movement as she stepped out around the ring. Has the elegance I look for in a bitch, very close to 1, just preferred the tail carriage of 1 today.

3rd Bennetts Eaglespur Full of Charm

Beginners Bitch (5 2 a)

1st Bennetts Eaglespur Full of Charm

2nd Watkins Ruffagga Bewitching Girl

18 mth old bitch who is of standard size, nice wedge-shaped head with a super ear set. Well-conditioned with rich tan and correct markings. Nice outline. Deep brisket and narrow front.  Moved ok with good tail carriage. just carrying a little too much weight today.

3rd Minnikins Rattustrap Tantalum

Post Graduate Bitch (5 1 A)

1st Walkers Sizlin Hey Good Lookin

2nd O’Boyles Plantocracy Hermione at Ruffagga

2 yr old bitch who has matured nicely since I judged her last.  Shapely outline, but longer in the body than 1. Correctly marked with rich tan and nice vent.  Well-muscled and presented in super condition.  Correct wedge head and pleasing expression.  Moved ok.

Limit Bitch (3 1a)

1st Hellers Marlablue McQueen at Florydown

2 yr old bitch with a very attractive shapely outline who has matured very nicely.   Super feminine girl who was well handled to get the best out of her.  Nice short compact body, with good tuck up and rise over loin.  Correctly marked with rich tan.  Wedged head and good ear set would just prefer a more almond shaped eye.  She moved with elegance, showing positive movement and had the best bee sting tail of the day carried so well.

2nd OBoyles Ruffagga for Annoria

2 yr old bitch who was unfortunately rather unsettled today, larger girl than 1 but still balanced.  Head ok but ear set spoilt her expression somewhat. Well-marked and with a rich tan. Presented in good condition. Well sprung ribs and nice tuck up.  Moved ok.

Open Bitch (6)

What a class – as good as I have seen in a very long time, full of all my favourite girls, I was spoilt for choice.

1st Saxton, Dale and Emricks Ch Rattustrap Bitter N Twisted (AI) AnCH BIS

What a super bitch who I was delighted to have the opportunity to go over today.  Yes, she is larger than standard size, but she presents an overall picture of balance and elegance I could not ignore.  The best of heads well filled under almond eyes, dark and sparkly and a stunning expression. Her neck arched at crest is most elegant which is even more accentuated when she moves. Well laid shoulders, deep brisket and front legs set well under showing just enough of her fore chest.  Presented in excellent condition. She moved accurately with such positive movement from the front and drive from her well angulated rear, she flowed around the ring as if she owned it.   Up on her toes and never stopped showing, a performance that won her this strong class.

2nd Knights Ch Talanors Typically Special

Another of my favourite girls who was on top form today.  Standard sized bitch who is better for size than 1. Has a most appealing outline.  Compact, short in body with curves where they should be and has such elegance. Nice wedge-shaped head well set ears and typical expression.  Narrow front with well laid shoulders, strong neck, and arch at crest.  Super rich tan and good markings.  Good vent. Shown in excellent condition with gleaming jacket. She moved around the ring precisely.  I just preferred the overall presence, attitude, and positive movement of 1.

3rd Churchs Rattustrap Fade to Black (AI)

Junior Handling 12 – 18 YRS (1)

1st Ruby Spencer

Stood alone but worthy winner of the class. Presented the dog correctly to me on the table.  Showing dogs teeth and positioning dog for me to go over. When asked to move the dog, she followed my instructions to the point and moved her dog accurately.  I was very impressed with her handling skills and do hope to see her in the ring again soon.  Her dog was very happy and confident with his handler.

Brace (4 3a)

1st Spain

Dog and bitch who stood well together and moved well around the ring presenting a pleasing picture.


Main winners of BMTC Championship Show 2021

From our judge Estella Saxton: I was honoured to be invited to Judge the British Manchester Terrier Clubs Championship Show. Thank you to all the exhibitors for a lovely entry, to the BMTC committee for being so welcoming and organising such a super friendly show & to my fab stewards  Nigel, Sonja & Elaine. Absolutely […]

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Judge’s Critique – BMTC Open Show – 29 February 2020

Judge: Bethany Cawley

I enjoyed the honour of judging this wonderful breed at this years BMTC open show. Thank you to the committee for their kind hospitality and my wonderful stewards who kept the ring running with ease all day.

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