Contacting the Club

General Enquiries
For general enquiries please contact the:

BMTC Honorary Secretary
Ms Sonia Owczarek
Lillands Cottage
Clitheroe Rd
Lancs,  BB7 3HQ

Tel: (UK) 07525 630 164 (calls between 5pm – 8pm Mon-Friday only please)

For membership enquiries and forms please contact Liz Jones, Membership Secretary:
T: 0161 798 6737
M: 07817 258484

Please see the section within the ‘Membership’ page for information about joining the British Manchester Terrier Club

Breed Education Co-cordinator
Gill Knight, Breed Education Co-ordinator, will help guide anyone who wishes to Judge through the Kennel Club requirements.
T: 01226 210842

KC Breed Liaison Council Representative
Mark Walshaw
T: 01287 652860

KC Breed Health Coordinator
Jackie Brown
T: 01298 79352

For advice on rehoming matters please contact our Welfare Officer, Bev O’ Neill.
Bev can assist breeders and owners rehoming the, thankfully few, Manchester Terriers that fall on hard times.

Bev Tel: 01993 868601    (Please call after 6pm).