St. George’s Parade

Manchester Terriers at the St Georges Day Parade

Manchester Terriers are now a well-established and popular part of the St George’s Day Parade in Manchester, and all are welcome to join in the fun. The parade takes a couple of hours to walk 2.5 miles and meet and greet the crowds that welcome us. It is always held on a Sunday closest to St George’s day.

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As usual the crowds were very supportive and gave us a lovely welcome. A great many of the spectators were able to make a fuss of the dogs, and quite a few children had treats pressed into their hands to feed eager Black and Tan mouths. We had quite a few new faces joining us, and lots of 
familiar ones too. We had a record number of Manchester Terriers, 22 in total, including 3 generations of one family.

St George's Day parade Manchester 2016

St George's Day parade Manchester 2016

St George's Day parade Manchester 2016


St Georges Parade Manchester 2015


Club Contact:
For more information about Manchester Terriers and the St George Parade contact:

Ann Harrison
T: 01260 279135

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Manchester St Georges Day Parade, Sunday 24th April. Just to confirm the Parade is setting off at around 12 noon, Chris and I will be there from 11 am to book in. Our number in the Parade is 15, the numbers are written on the pavement, so that will be our meeting point. IF we […]

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The St Georges parade returns!!

The Manchester St Georges Day Parade is back! Sunday 24th April 2022, starting point is M40 7AS. The ultimate urban Mooch! A couple of hours strolling through the streets of Manchester as part of a busy and noisy parade, dogs and handlers must be prepared for lots of oohs and aahs from the crowds!! Everyone […]

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