Judge’s Critique – BMTC Open Show – 29 February 2020

Judge: Bethany Cawley

I enjoyed the honour of judging this wonderful breed at this years BMTC open show. Thank you to the committee for their kind hospitality and my wonderful stewards who kept the ring running with ease all day. A few comments for exhibitors, firstly I was disappointed to find so many exhibits with dirty nails. Secondly please take time with showing your dog it’s not a race. A judge should always be happy to wait while you get your dog settled on the table and prepare your dog to move. Very few exhibitors actually brought their dogs to my feet before going off on the triangle making my job of assessing the dog more difficult. On the whole a quality entry and all dogs had lovely temperaments.
Veteran Dog or Bitch 7-9 years
1st Morris’s Llygota Gretel, 7 year old bitch. Perfect for size and well marked for her age. Lovely head, eye and ear. Good for shape with good length of neck and correct top line. Well set tail and carried well on the move. Moved out well on a loose lead. BVIS
2nd Olbinson & Kelly’s Paucelin Andoni at Carapast, Lovely, nearly 10 years old and he can still move like a youngster. Again good size and shape. Neat ears finish off his head nicely. Just starting to lose colour but markings all where they should be. RBVIS.
3rd O’Neills Ticknell Hidden Treasure at Megellan Veteran Dog or Bitch 10 years plus
1st Dunford, Akrigg & Walton’s Ch/Nel Ch Quixol Alexander. All round happy show boy and nearly 11 still enjoying himself. Markings all there. Good wedge head and ears. Well muscled in lovely coat and condition for a veteran. Moved out well.
Minor Puppy Dog
1st Devanche’s Rattustrap Smarty Pints, Just 6 months. Very raw baby with good wedge head, ears a little unsettled. Good markings. Nice shape just needs to mature and fill out. Moved out well when settled.
Puppy Dog
1st Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce. 11 months and a very mature young man. Muscling up in body. Lovely size and shape. Good head with neat ear and dark eye. Good topline with the correct rise. Well angulated rear. Chest starting to come. Moved out well. BPIS
2nd Usher’s Digelsa Dark Nation.9 months and a happy boy enjoying his time in the ring, not as mature as one. Good rich tan. Good front and well angulated rear. Just needs some time to develop.
Junior Dog
1st Barlow’s Talanors Time For Magic. Super for size and full of personality. Well marked. Good head, dark eye and small v shaped ears. Well proportioned. Tail well set, carried a little high but think this was caused by his excitable character. He moved out so positive with good drive. Good front and nice angulation. RBD

Beginners Dog
1st Devanche’s Rattustrap Smarty Pints
Maiden Dog
1st Devanche’s Rattustrap Smarty Pints Novice Dog
No entries
Graduate Dog
1st Barlow’s Talanors Time For Magic
2nd Bratcher’s Rattustrap Dark Matters at Carnifax. Just 18 months old in great coat and condition. Good length of body and well constructed front. Well marked with rich tan. Just didn’t move out with as much reach and drive as one.
Post Graduate Dog
1st Barlow’s Talanors Time For Magic
Limit Dog
Both 4 years old and full of beans and presented in good condition.
1st Holmes Egloshayle Black Dylan,Although a fly away ear a good wedge head with nice expression. Good front with correct hare feet, plenty of fore chest. Well muscled and angulated rear.
2nd O’Neill’s Megellan Rudi Blue. Good head, correct markings. Just a little over excited. Well angulated. Good profile while stood. Tail carried a little high on the move.
Open Dog
A class that really made me work with 9 present, some dogs sadly didn’t get placed but the class was full of quality.
1st Spain’s Ch Talanors Diamond Tornado. 3.5 year old boy with so much sparkle. Beautifully made and just demands your attention when stood with his happiness. Typical head, leading into nice neck and good length of body. Enough chest and well muscled rear end. Moved out in the class with desired reach and drive. BD RBIS BOS
2nd Hebb’s Paucelin Falster JW.Handsome boy, super head ears just where they need to be, alert expression. Well proportioned. Good topline and outline when stood. Just didn’t have the drive of one.
3rd Walshaw’s Ch Talanors Diamonds N’ Dreams avec Janmark JW ShCM Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Bratcher’s Rattustrap Black Brose at Carnifex. Just 6 months, real baby puppy enjoying her class. Ears unsettled, but beautiful dark eye and expression. Good shoulder and well angulated. In super coat and condition. Just needs to mature. RBPIS

Puppy Bitch
1st O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Hermoine at Ruffaga.11 months all together in body just needs to mature in confidence. Pretty head with good eye, lovely expression. Good topline and angulation. Once settled moved out well.
2nd O’Boyle’s Kenynten Upsy Daisy.Good wedge head just needs ears to settle. Typical baby. Good shape and profile. Needs a bit more schooling on the move.
Junior Bitch
1st Straughan’s Talanors Time To Shine At Mannikai. Very elegant young lady and at one with her handler. Coming together nicely, good markings. Nice head with ears used on the move. Lovely topline and profile, held so well on the move. Good reach and drive, moves with purpose.
2nd Rudd’s Digelsa Dark Velvet. Another elegant girl. Just a little more immature to one, but all there.Well marked and good size. Nice topline with a well set tail.
Beginners Bitch
1st Morris’s Llygota Gretel
2nd Sewell & Arbon Rosadyva Midnight Amethyst,17 months. Lovely head with well set ears. Good chest, well angulated rear. Just needs to settle on move.
Maiden Bitch
No entries
Novice Bitch
1st Morris’s Llygota Gretel
2nd Sewell & Arbon Rosadyva Midnight Amethyst 3rd Forshaw’s Eaglespur Native Beauty
Graduate Bitch
1st Morris’s Llygota Gretel
2nd Spain’s Pinkadees Golden Monkey. Lovely size and type, well marked. Prefered movement of one. In good coat, just a little heavy today.
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Keates Simjest Lady Tiana.Up to size but well balanced and moves out well. Ears a little big but good expression. Well set tail and used well on the move. In good coat and condition.
2nd Symes & Pease’s Paucelin Kite. Pretty head, correct markings. Well angulated. Just carrying a little bit too much weight. Didn’t move as positively as one.
3rd O’Boyle’s Ruffaga for Annoria

Limit Bitch
1st Davies & Brown’s Digelsa Dark Indulgence at Wystry JW.Nice bitch of good size. 16 months. Mature in head with nice dark eye. Lovely dark tan. Good topline and tuck up. Liked her outline and profile when stood and on the move.
Open Bitch
Another super open class where any of the girls could swap places on another day.
1st Church, Saxton & Dale Rattustrap Fade To Black (AI). Super bitch with such a fabulous outline. lovely neck into correct topline. Good head, with keen alert expression. Turned out in top class condition, the correct feet for the breed, typical coat , good tan and markings where they should be. I couldn’t deny her the top award she moved so effortlessly around the ring with the most beautiful reach and drive. BB BIS
2nd Olbinson & Kelly’s Rattustrap Citra at Carapast. Lovely head with such well placed neat ears used so well on the move. Good forechest, correct rise over the loin. Presented in wonderful condition moved with purpose , well handled. RBB.
3rd Goodwin’s Ch Digelsea Date Night at Holtaire Junior Handling 6-11
1st India O’Neill 9 years old and so kind and patient with her dog. Did what I asked well and used treats appropriately. Looking forward to seeing her handling progress.
Brace Class
I must admire the bravery of all the handlers to bring in two Manchesters to the ring, one is normally enough trouble! Typically this class was a great watch for all, the handlers did a great job all three pairs managed to get some good movement out of their dogs.
1st Spains, A dog and a bitch and the best movers of the three pairs and went well together. 2nd Keates, two bitches again moved well just not as strongly and as together as the first pair. 3rd O ‘Neill
Judge Miss Bethany Cawley

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