Vulnerable British Breed

Within the pedigree group there are nearly 200 breeds with varying total numbers born and officially registered with the Kennel Club. They range from an annual 41,000 Labrador Retrievers to a group of 28 native breeds registering less than 300 births per year.

In the case of Manchester Terriers we have an average of 100 dogs born and registered. The average litter size is three to four. The Manchester Terrier or Black and Tan Terriers as it was originally known, goes back to the 14 hundreds and is said to be the oldest English Terrier.

The Manchester Terrier has now been officially designated by the Kennel Club as a Vulnerable Native Breed.

The British Manchester Terrier Club is currently lobbying the veterinarian fraternity to review the practice of promoting the neutering or spaying of young dogs and bitches, sometimes when the puppies are as young as 7-8 months old.

Can we ask, on behalf of this fantastic breed, that they are treated as ‘vulnerable’ and not to be eliminated to extinction by removing young, healthy breeding stock.

Please contact your breeder or club welfare officer if you are in need of a balanced opinion on the issues around whether to spay/neuter.