Wooch Y Pasg – 20 April

Juliet Morris writes:
Easter Saturday gave us the most glorious weather on the most glorious coast for our Easter Wooch Y Pasg. What we lacked in number, we made up for in time, space and energy!

Once we’d made it through the crowds at the entrance to the beach – full of appreciative folk who kept stopping us to ask “what are they? They’re beautiful”, “are they friendly? Can I say hello?” (they are, and yes you can!) and even “are they Manchester Terriers, I haven’t seen one in years” – we had the 8 mile shore line almost to ourselves.

The sea was out, bloomin’ miles out, but paddling was a must … because we had water babies with us. Seriously. Five Manchesters, bombing in and out of the sea! It was breathtakingly beautiful and a huge amount of Manchester-powered fun. Which didn’t stop there.

I was back the next day for the second Canix run, and Christine Parry and Bryn were staying Pembrey Country Park for the weekend. So we picked up the action in their caravan garden on the Sunday where, to poor Celyn’s disgruntlement, Gwladys and Dot claimed the dog sunlounger, whilst Olive and Topaz played and played and played.
Sweet beasties, new besties 🐾❤️🐾 Thank you, all 4, for being such fabulous company and generous Canix supporters!

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