Wiltshire Game and Country Fair – 23-24 September 2019

Following the tradition set last year, our last Living Heritage breed stand for this year at Bowood House was wet with heavy downpours during the night and occasional bursts of sunshine on Saturday. It did make the ground very soggy but fortunately it did not deter the visitors.

Yet again, our hardy team of Manchester Terriers were not deterred and, with the help of their support team, they faced the public with waggy tails, big licks and an occasional ‘back-off’ rumble from Katie

The front-line team and backing crew were: Sheldon and Penny with Linda and Harriet Walker; Narla and Keeta with Ann Wadey and Ruth Calvert-Smith; Stella and Cooper with Dave Fowler; Roxy (and Rosie) with Kaz and Mark Spence; Ruby with Paul Clarke, Troy with Frank Warner and Katie with me.  Jayne Gardiner and family with Georgie also joined us at the stand and on the parade on Sunday.

The wet weather did not stop the terrier or the ‘Chase the Bunny’ races on either day. Over the weekend Ruby, Sheldon and Penny raced. I ran Katie on her own, she is usual more interested in taking out her opponents than catching the lure. 

Sheldon was not best pleased on Saturday to return to the breed stand with Harriet after loosing his heat. He decided he was going to join Penny’s race and with one sharp tug, Harriet lost her grip on his lead. He flew into the ring lead trailing behind him chasing the lure before the other dogs got a look in. His antics did not stop here. After the racing ended Linda and Harriet took both Penny and Sheldon for a walk around the show ground. Sheldon decided to check out the ring again and with another sharp tug broke the catch on his lead. With Linda and Harriet in hot pursuit Sheldon suddenly flew past the breed stand into the ring searching for the lure. Fortunately the gun dogs display had not started and we were able to catch him. There is no doubt about it, Sheldon loves to race.

Roxy and Troy both entered the Companion Show and Roxy came away sporting a rosette.

There was two breed parades both days, we all got drenched on the Sunday parade. The dogs were not happy!!!

For those camping, the breed stand tent doubled up as the catering tent for the evening meal and breakfast.  Mark did a great job in providing hot refreshments to everyone both days. Thanks go to David who supplied the home-made chocolate cake (not made by him I hasten to add), it was delicious.

Thanks also go to Kaz Spence, Linda Walker and Paul Clarke for the lovely photographs.

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