Tilford Mannie Mooch – Saturday 2nd March

Linda Shaw writes:

Well what a turn up for the South East Mooch, with I believe 20 Mannie’s (plus friends) and a perfect location that I am sure we will be going back to. Fleur Evans and Candise Shaw kindly hosted the walk and found us a lovely pub the Barley Mow which was much needed after a good romp in heathland, woods, and some open spaces.
We had some newbies to the walk and also quite a few that hadn’t been for a while. There is no way I am going to remember all names, so all I can tell you is they all had lots of fun and enjoyed finding new and old playmates.
We had a couple of the oldies getting a little confused, but we soon had them back in the fold with our usual great group of owners looking out for after each others dogs.
Livercake on hand kept them entertaining and I got my usual loving attention because of it!
I saw quite a few romances going on, but I a dammed if I could keep up with it all!
What can I say but thank you guys for making me have a great start to my birthday weekend. All so dogs so well behaving, quite a bit of interest from the children in the car park and some walks….quite a sight seeing our beauties.

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