Thame Country Fair – 5-6 May 2019

The May Day bank holiday weekend saw our first outdoor breed stand with Living Heritage Country Fairs at Thame. It was a cold start and both us and the dogs needed our coats.  The chill factor did not put off the visitors and we had a steady stream of people visiting the stand during the two days.

My thanks go to everyone who volunteered and gave up their time.  Camping over the weekend was me and John with Katie and Baylee masquerading as a MT (Lexi was left at home in season); Linda Walker with Sheldon and Penny; and David Fowler with Stella and Cooper. On Sunday we were joined by Hazel and Geoff with Chilli and Tikka and on Monday Amanda and Ben Lee and their two children with Mani.  It was Mani’s first time as an ambassador for the breed and he did really well.  He was admired by everyone who saw him.  Also visiting the stand on Sunday was Robyn Bagwell with Nugget and on Monday, Emma Richards with Loki joined in all the fun. Love was definitely in the air over the two days.  Tikka fell in love with Nugget and Katie was besotted with Mani.  She allowed him to take over guard duties in the pen.

The stand this year was located next door to the English Toy Terriers which was very convenient when talking about the history of the breed. It was also near the Gundog Scurry and Lurcher Racing which was just too much stimulation for poor Sheldon.  He was desperate to join in every race and became quite vocal about it on the first day. It was not until late in the afternoon before we had our first Chase the Bunny race and he was able to let of stream. Only to be paired up with the vixen Katie who had a track record last year in taking out her opponents.  She did not disappoint this year and I pulled her from racing after she was very unsporting with Sheldon.

The following day without Katie’s interference Sheldon won all his races and came away with first place and a lovely rosette.  Loki and Mani also made their debut race. After a good start with Mani in the lead Loki caught up and they decided to have a good play chasing each other around the field. Great entertainment for the watching crowd.

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