Sunday 24 November 2019 – Pre Christmas Mooch Petworth Park

Linda Shaw writes:
Always love our pre Christmas mooch which started with some lovely port, homemade mince pies, stollen and choc Panettone.

We certainly had quite a few who travelled the distance from Essex and Kent and weather held up with it brightening up through the walk. Enjoyable number of 13 Manchester’s and the servants and just what I have been waiting for for a couple of years….a whippet to play chase with. Even better was having potential future owners Rachel Hale & Dan who I hope you enjoyed the experience. You real looked at home and I am sure breeders would love you to have one of their pups later next year. Glad you are planning and that’s half the fun eh!
So we started off by thinking may be we had some feisty boys to separate, but as it turned out it was all a play act with Pippin the whippet falling in love with Dylan, and Dante trying to get a few humps In between this love match…didn’t matter that they were all boys.

Jed had an awesome 2 hour walk and looking comfortable taking things at his own pace. Hes Recovering nicely Valerie Hayllor and the beam on your face is one of reasons I love our mooches!

Some new livercake lovers in the pack and Kita definitely tried her luck…well she has got more than one to feed for now so how can we say no and she worked for it in the pub with all her tricks which always gains an audience….bar staff came running to check her out!
Chester looking as sexy as ever and Sheldon giving his brown eyed ‘love me look’. We do have some irresistible dogs! All may be not smelling of roses with Fox poo in abundance and some very happy b&ts…few baths happening tonight I think!

Thank you Ann Wadey for a thoroughly enjoyable walk and being a great host, I think we are all jealous of you living in a wonderful location and it’s got to be one of my favourite pubs!

I’ve not mentioned everyone but a joy to see you all and we do have such special boys & girls with such individual personalities. Love you all and have a great Christmas! Next one is the after Christmas wobble mooch at The Ranges! Go to SE Mooches page for more details.

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