Sunday 20th Oct – West Wittering Mooch

Linda Shaw writes:

The West Wittering Mooch took place on Sunday 20 October. No rain jackets required and beautiful day for a mooch with old and new friends. That Autumnal feeling meant Mannies were on form and didn’t keep still long enough to count….think it was 12, plus 3 black & tan supporters enjoying the craziness.

Sorry if rubbish with names this week, but did like the comment that watching Manchester’s was like being memorised like when watching a lava lamp. Lots of flirting to be seen, just wished my boy didn’t take the record for how many to try and hump in one walk! Especially when not Mannies but 2 labs, 1 retriever, 1 fluffy white thing and a Rottweiler! Oh well other than that all our little cherubs were like Angels and melted a few hearts.Tails & tongues must of been wagging before everyone got there as newcomers ( & the usual thief’s) seem to know about my livercake…no flower fairies in this pack that’s for sure.

After a few cobwebs blown away and lovely lunch at Shore Inn, I’m sure we now have some cute banana shaped snoozing Mannies at home. Thanks for taking our walk n Rapley and till our next one at Petworth on Sunday 24th November, 10.30am Petworth Park GU28 0ETNovember.

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