St George’s Parade – 23 April 2017

Today’s St Georges Day Parade took place in glorious sunshine with
between 25 and 30 MT’s depending on where we were when the counting
took place! Some people take the shorter route, two had already walked
for an hour to get there…what commitment! The Organisers had provided
us with dog coats made out of St Georges flags, and they were worn with
pride. I hope the pictures show just how much fun the day was, and how
many wonderful people threw themselves into the spirit of the day.
Massive organisation is behind such a successful occasion, not least by
one participant who had managed to organise a trip from Weston-Super-
Mare to join us – great planning! After the Parade a few finished the
day off with freshly made pizza and a pint at a local hostelry. A most
enjoyable day with sunshine, good company and 30 impeccably behaved
dogs. Thanks to each and every participant for coming along and making
this wonderful Event happen!
Ann Harrison

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