St Georges Day Parade – 2019

Ann Harrison writes:

The 16th Manchester St Georges Day Parade took place in the most beautiful sunshine today and our 18 wonderful Manchester Terriers were a great hit with the crowds. Comments shouted out from the spectators included ‘We only come to see the dogs!’ and ‘Hurray for the Manchester Terriers!’

Having had concerns that the route may prove a tad warm, there was in fact a nice breeze that kept finding us and we had all arrived equipped with enough water to sink the proverbial battleship. There was shade to be found along the route and spray bottles appeared on a regular basis.

Having found that our allocated position was way too near to a noisy band we quickly re-located further down the line to a slot that was more to our liking, and once we were underway even those with sensitive ears settled nicely to their task of charming the crowds. The nice thing about the Parade is the amount of interaction we have with the spectators, and all the dogs from Paddy, who we think may have been the oldest, to young Finn all of 6 months, found adoring fans amongst the onlookers.

Once the two-hour Parade had wound its way around the streets of Manchester via Piccadilly Gardens we arrived back to the starting point where the Parade Organisers along with the Mayor of Manchester all clapped and thanked us as we filed past. Some of us then popped into a local hostelry for a pint and a very good burger, where a solo piper treated us to a stirring rendition of The Flower of Scotland, accompanied by one (immensely tuneful) howling MT – no idea who (blush!).

Thank you so much to everyone that came today, you and your dogs were delightful company and I hope that enjoyed yourselves enough to come back next year – we are already invited!

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