South East Mooch, Sunday 16th September, Cookham, Maidenhead

Linda Shaw writes: A perfect sunny day for a perfect mooch and I was made up that all that came on the walk loved the location. We had a nice group of seven Mannies with many being their first mooch and with lots of young ones, especially boys. Got to say I was thinking we it could be a handful with fully entire males, but after them puffing themselves out on meeting, and the girls waiting on the side they were off the lead and intermingling like old buddies (well kids having a riot actually!)

So one of my favourite parts of a walk is seeing owners and Manchesters faces light up and this was no exception…..Robyn your face was a picture with a grin ear to ear and Nugget was right in the thick of the pack.

Doug was Nugget’s partner in crime and Dylan manliness stood up to all the testosterone these young b&ts directed to him….oh how the tables turn Jonathan Albutt, only seemed like yesterday the Dylan was the little one!So Merlin’s second mooch off the lead loving the freedom; it’s great seeing them develop how comfortable they are in the pack and he was bouncing around with one happy smile.

Loki absolutely gorgeous and my heart melted see those big ears & eyes often looking at my livercake with expectation…guess she remembers me from Basingstoke Canal 🙄 Glad Loki feeling so relaxed with his own kind and hope it helps with rebuilding after the difficult time you have had recently Celeste. Even Ann was reminiscing on the walk of the change in Narla since her first walk…she strutted straight over to me, demanding the Devil food ‘LC’ and this would of been unheard of a year ago!

So how could I forget our little Ruby Ruby! The best behaving of all and you can do tell she is one of your pups Judy Thurlow. Paul Cee can’t tell you what a fantastic job you have done with her and you could leave her with me anytime….if with those pig snout licks! Ruby confident, well mannered and Dante’s love this weekend.

So brilliant to see families coming for the day and ideal for the little ones and they played their part. Always good at a young age for Mannies to be round children and Emily thank you for gives us this gift today. Such happy girls and wonderful for Doug to be part of your family.

Thank you Celeste for taking the main photos today and some fab ones for keeps.  A perfect end to my holidays with one very tired Dante under the throw st the moment!

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