South East Mooch – Petworth Saturday 12th January

Linda Shaw writes:
One of our smaller Mooch group walks but just as wonderful all the same. In actual fact it was a fabulous mooch with a great start to the new year with a newcomer Lowry our very own 12 year lady, and as fate would have it the small group was perfect for Zeus.
So with 8 Mannie’s and Dante and Zeus being out numbered by the girls, the boys were not complaining! Ann Wadey our host kept the rain away again and Narla was strutting her stuff shows the pack round her local walk. It was all about he smells today and Narla sure caked herself with the fox poo. The poor girl got a hose down near the end of the walk because it was that bad!
Some of you might remember one of my last comments in a Mooch write up, hoping we could bring Zeus the pup out of his shell….well I was not expecting for it to happen quite this quickly; the small group was perfect for him and boy did we have love in the air with Zeus and Poppy! Zeus was smitten, and Poppy was knackered by all the attention of our bouncing Zebbie. Not only was he full on running around but he got involved in the ball chase. Now for those that did the mooch in November, you all know how much of a feet this is was. He even had the courage to spend time away from Suzan Liles side on a regular basis. I had the biggest smile on my face watching the positive change, hence you might see a few photo’s of Zeus having crazy puppy boy fun.
The beautiful Lowry was such a lady because she took the Mooch all in her stride and was well behaved with such grace. Part of the pack straight away, with Dante keen to smell her out at the start…Dante approval of course a must so he doesn’t get grumpy man syndrome! Thank you Carmel for bring your special lady to our Mooch.
So Willow, Kiba, Chiyo and Buffy all now in the habit of checking in with me and no liver cake! Seems sausages have the same effect, but I like to think it is my special doggy magnetism!
A good 2 hour mooch followed by some of us making the pub to celebrate Barry’s birthday. The food gets better and better every time at The Cricketers and I know I am gonna have a dessert on a regular basis!
Thank you everyone for a fun start to 2019 and look forward to seeing you at The Gallops in February.

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