South East Mooch – Mytchett – Saturday 18th May

Linda Shaw writes:
Just the perfect temperature for a mooch and no rain on the day! Brilliant to have two walks in a day to tire out the terrors and lovely to see new faces, those that can’t always make it and the die hard. Wonderful mix of Mannies and of course they couldn’t or wouldn’t stay still to count so have gone for the average count of 16 Jonathan Albutt

Got to be my favourite terrain to see our beautiful b&t’s in action jumping over logs, going of piste through the fern, bracken and heather with heighten sensory overload! No rabbits or squirrels were caught which was pretty dam amazing as they sure did try over the whole weekend!

Some lovely new and renewed bonding though think Madam had less interest in Dante this time and more interest in Lindy cake.

I thought Loki was gonna be on for the most friskie boy, but oh no … whilst chatting to Celeste Murad about how Dante has calmed down after being castrated my boy then decides ( the shame) to spend 5 minutes mounting this lab! Got to say that the owner was very chilled and more interested to see if her lab to get to the watering hole whilst our posse were having a riot there!

All dogs & bitches looked so healthy and as you could see by all the photos that owners took, they had huge smiles on their faces. Sorry no photos from me as doing the dutiful owner bit ‘detach my friskie dog’!

Ruby was learning from the master of ball catching Pocket Rocket Penny and Dylan chumming up with his new student Loki to shows how to play chase to the max.
Kathy Gidden it was a joy to see your girls Poppy & Daisy and to see a smile on your face. We’ve really missed you on the last couple of walks.
Obe & Flapjack loving their stop off prior to Southampton trip, you realise they now expect this every time Joanna Watson!

Dave Bates & Vanessa allowed Poppy & Willow to have a fun packed day with plenty of time to give me kisses. Lowry our Queen bee joined us for the second walk and she does have such an air of knowing her own space. There’s hope for us all yet with how well behaving she is and maturing with style.

Sure I have missed a fair few boys and girls but what can I say; what a pack of stunning outstanding Manchester’s who left a starry eyed audience to watch with ore.
So I am sure all terrors were snoring under the duvets last night with contented grins and I also had the added pleasure of seeing a true bond for life develop between Ruby & Dante as the little minx is the first to mannie to share the snuggle chair with my boy. He seems to go weak at the knees when challenged by this girl, and loves chewing her ears in play and has definitely met his match.

Wonderful weekend and thanks Paul Cee for putting up with me whilst camping, and to the mooch group you make it such a pleasure to arrange these walks…you truly are a special group of friends.

No June mooch, but even better the fun weekend at Witney! See ya all soon 🐾🐾

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