South East Mooch – Frost Folly Warfield. Sunday 26th January

South East Mooch – Frost Folly Warfield. Sunday 26th January.

Luck was on our side again and the rain held off! As expected a small group of us today but a wonderful one at that, with 2 new Manchester’s enjoying their first pack walk with their servants who also enjoying the experience.

Ziggy at 7 months old didn’t take long to settle in. She throughly enjoyed all the smells, new scenery and being in awe of her b&t friends. You know when you see the face of a Mannie seeing and doing things for the very first time….well it was wrote all over her cute little face.

I don’t know who enjoyed it more with seeing the new boy in the pack; Lisa Antonini (servant) or Wilf ‘speed of light’ Mannie machine. Jonathan Albutt I think we might of found Dylan’s double! So Lisa I could see your mouth drop to the floor in your car from pure joy when you turned up. So excited poo bags forgotten but we all had plenty to spare! David & Amelia both seemed to love the freedom that Wilf enjoyed of being chased, nicking the ball and out running Pocket Rocket Penny at times.

The girls Narla, Poppy, Willow & Penny we’re loving it and with the professional brown eyed smoothie Sheldon, they worked their looks for the livercake. Linda Walker good to see we distracted Sheldon enough to stop the psychosomatic limp.

A very different walk to normal which started on Meadows and then headed onto ramblers route which covered farmland, lanes with plenty of equestrian places and beautiful houses to dream off.

So I might of under estimated how long walk was and certainly felt how unfit I was after 2 and a half hour mooch with roast( lovely dog friendly pub) Bath and bed. Great fun and thoroughly enjoy our catch up and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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