South East Mooch 15th march

South East Mooch – Harting Hill Sunday 15th March.

The gods where with us today (well Ann) and rain held off till within 20 metres of getting back to car.
A walk to blow away the cobwebs for sure but delightful to see the turn out; Narla, Sheldon, Penny, Dylan, Willow, Poppy, Binky, Ziggy and Dante. Flying the flag as a Mannie supporter for the day….Grace.
Neil a bit nervous with Ziggy just coming out of her first Season but all was well. She definitely had a liking for Dylan and spent most of the walk following him. Needless to say Dylan prefers to chase the girls rather than be chased.
Lots of chances for ball throwing though Penny being a little madam and kept pretending to give you the ball and then picking it up! All ball fanatics on form.
Got to say big thank you for a Penny who brought Grace along, her justification for not going up the big hill was greatly appreciate by most. How am I going to top broken ribs as an excuse next time we do the walk!
Most owners covered in mud with lots of little dainty paw prints over the trousers…if it wasn’t looking for treats it was begging for ball to be thrown.
Always nice for a chat are our walks and to help us keep mental sane…especially over next few months. We made the decision to keep to our pub lunch as we have no over 70s  and we had a surprise visit from Paul Cee and little a Ruby who was not able to do the walk. She looked so cute with her doughnut round her neck and awesomely pleased to see the gang.
Thank you Ann Wadey for another fabulous mooch.

Whilst we are still planning future mooches, pub lunches will be out for now and most importantly is to keep your family & friends safe. I know fine line what’s safe and what will keep you sane eh! Sunny weather to come though!

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