South East end of year Mooch

Last mooch of 2019 write up from me, Linda Shaw:

South East Mooch Monday 30th December – The Ranges. Who would of believed it was December! Clear blue skies and perfect day for a mooch. 16 Manchester’s graced our presence with their servants and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with new & old friends.

DJ took his first mooch in his stride and was a natural fit into the pack. Nice to see he had Lady Lucy who’s is around the same age to show the veterans can have a blast as well and also have taste buds for the livercake.
So nice not to be walking in a foot of mud, though flapjack was very good a playing me the ‘poor me, I have to wear a booty’…of course livercake seemed to do the trick.
Thank you Megan for counting the dogs for me and keeping Dante entertaining…awesome ball through skills!
Absolutely hilarious seeing Dylan sucker Laurence Spain ; ‘tealeaf’ was an expression I have not heard for a while and that was after the expletives I heard whilst he’s running after Dylan to get his treats back. Dylan on fire again with his snatch and grab technics 🤣
Lovely to see so many today and thought we all did fab job of taking on undulating hills. David Chapman sure you are getting younger!
Of course much needed drink and food after the humans escapades up and down the dunes, plus think the dogs enjoyed a bit of sun bathing!
Happy New Year and looking forward to some 2020 mooches!

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