SE Mooch Coombe Bissett, near Salisbury- 17th August

Written by Linda Shaw

By popular demand we will be running this camp & mooch again next year with pitches already being booked! What an awesome weekend of company, great food, with Saturday the weather being perfect for 19 mannie’s and 20 of their servants. Everyone rocked up at the dog friendly campsite to start our walk with lots of bridlepaths right on our doorstep.

Wonderful to see newcomers Dobby and Penny and it was also Celyn & Topaz’ first SE mooch. We had servants really travelling the distance for this one from North Wales,Essex and Hull.
Well I chose a mostly unused bridlepath to start with which tested some footwork of the humans and pallets of the dogs with plenty of wild fruit to try. David Chapman giving us a great tour of the less know fruit who’s knowledge if remarkable.

Scully being a mummy’s girl and requesting to be carried for some of the walk with an unknown ailment (soon to be fine when opened up onto used bridlepaths…,typical Manchester behaviour!)

Half way point was what we were really waiting for a pub lunch with plenty of gorgeous food, drink and photo opportunities. Definitely had the wow factor and attention of the locals with our handsome, dashing and scrumptious b&t’s.

Of course we saved the best till last with dogs off leads in nature reserve with views to be seen from miles around. The sort of place which reminds you of lazy days as a child picking petals off daisies and rolling down hills…just add 19 Mannies to the mix dashing through long wild meadows and it was absolute poor bliss.

Thank you everyone for coming along to make it such a wonderful day & fab weekend for all. You will be surprised to know I remember all the dogs names as their characters are embedded fully & truly in my brain and so delightful to spend time with all those big smiles…so here goes Dante( always good to start with your own!), Penny, Dobby, Lucy, Keeta, Narla, Sheldon, Penny, Scully, Chillie, Kita, Gypsy, Ruby, Archie, Amber, Celyn, Topaz, Troy and my dear sweet Eddie.

Summer romances were blooming and I am sure there were many a twitchy paw whilst sleeping, dreaming of all the fun, just as my boy has done over quite a few nights.

This walk was one Janet Palmer had planned to come on….she was definitely there for us and left a paw print on our heart.

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