Sandringham Game and Country Fair 7 – 8 September 2019

Judy Thurlow writes:

We had a lovely weekend at Sandringham Game and Country Fair promoting the breed. The team was myself with Kita and Gypsy; Kaz and Mark Spence with Roxy and Min Pin Rosie, Linda Walker with Sheldon and Penny; Linda Shaw and Dante; and Paul Clarke with Ruby.

The stand was very busy at times and there was lots of interest. We were visited by Sue Fisher with MT Pepper and whippet Twiglet, also several people who had family with MTs.

All the dogs were stars. They all entered classes in the dogs show or terrier racing and were rewarded with rosettes of various colours and Penny won a trophy.

We took part in parades each day and also did a short demo of their train ability. The evenings were very social. We ate well, drank well and laughed well.

Thanks go to all of Team Sandringham in making it an amazing weekend.

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