Sandringham Game and Country fair

Well, that’s Sandringham Game and Country Fair over for another year! And in my mind the best one so far!!! Very well spaced, very busy, perfect spot for us and lots of local and regular events. And we were so lucky with the weather too!!! We had a chance to view the Queen’s Christmas residence and one of the little churches she and the family frequent.
The breed stand was ‘manned’ in perfect MT fashion, alternating between lots of treats, showing off a multitude of tricks, chillaxing on the table in the sunshine and dips in the paddling pool to cool off.
Roxy brought her family of Rosy, Kaz Spence and Mark, Ruby brought her minion Paul Cee , Narla brought her slave Ann Wadey , Penny and Sheldon brought their maid Linda Walker and Gypsy, Kita and Tilda dragged me along!!!
No time to enter the dog show this year, but on Saturday Penny, Sheldon and Tilda had a go at the lure racing. It was the biggest track we had seen!!!! They all won through their various rounds until the final small dog was a race between the 3 of them. It was very close at the last turn but Tilda was not to be beaten and won the best small dog. She then won against the fastest big dog, a collie cross, and won that too!!! Becoming the overall champion lure racer!!!! Just waiting to hear how Sheldon and Penny got on in today’s race, as we left before it was over!!!
Thank you team for a great weekend!!!!!

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