Obreedience and Rally news

The Manchester’s Reunited and the Rat Catchers Obreedience teams have had a very busy week in what must be the hottest week we have had in decades.  On Saturday 23 July both teams competed at the Obreedience heat at Solihull Dog Training Club (DTC).  There were 14 teams entered and the Rat Catchers were in fifth place. All the of the teams were very relaxed around the ring supporting each other. On Wednesday, the Manchester’s Reunited team travelled to Cumbria to Lune Valley DTC and was placed second in a heat of five teams.  It was a very friendly inclusive atmosphere around the ring and it enjoyable although tiring trip.  On Saturday 30 June both teams were competing again at Banbury DTC. This is a fantastic venue at the National Herb Centre.  Again, a very hot day.  There were 10 teams entered and The Rat Catchers were placed eighth and the Manchester Reunited were ninth.

Both teams entered a fun team class – Rally meets Obreedience – and the Rat Catchers won it.

On both days at Banbury team members also competed in the Rally competition. Meg Dowen’s, Brian had an amazing weekend. He was awarded a qualifying score in level 1 on Saturday and on Sunday was placed fifth in both Level 1 and Level 2.  Meg could not believe it and she was so proud of him.

Zoe Lindop’s, puppy, Seren, was awarded a qualifying score of 179 in level 1, and Luna achieved two excellent qualifying scores in level 3 so is now in level 4.

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