Obreedience – Manchesters Reunited

The Manchesters Reunited team sallied forth to compete in the Obreedience heat at Stoneleigh Park on Monday 28 May 2018. Sixteen teams were entered; twelve ran. The outdoor ring was large with nice short grass, just by the KC building. In the cattle sheds, however, there was some kind of agricultural event going on, and not only was there a continuous baa-ing of what sounded like several hundred sheep, but sheep in pens in clear view of the rings! I am pleased and amazed to say it did not seem to affect any of the dogs at all! The heelwork test was first. MRUs team, Helen with Shimmy, me with Briar, Ann and Ash, and Chris with Teal, did very well and ended the first round only half a point off the lead. However, anything can happen in Obreedience and Manchesters! Shimmy and Teal both did their individual exercises well, although Briar lost a few points on the retrieve. However, at the exact second Ann called Ash in for his stop on recall, a tremendous crashing and banging from the cattle sheds distracted him and he did not complete the exercise properly, thus sealing our fate and we were rather lucky to manage seventh place. Ann was disappointed as Ash usually does this exercise very well but to me it was just one of those unlucky things that can happen, especially to a breed like ours which tends to act first and ask questions afterwards. This makes them a challenge but so rewarding to train! Congratulations to the Covert Cock-ups team of Cocker Spaniels who won the heat, and to Helen Fletcher’s team of Papillons who came second. And as for us MRUs, onwards and upwards!

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