The Rat Catchers Obreedience Team

Over the years we have seen a few Manchester Terriers compete in Competitive Obedience and we would love to see more competing.  If you enjoyed doing your Kennel Club (KC) Good Citizen Awards this may be the next sport for you.

Competitive obedience is a structured disciplined sport that needs a well socialised and trained dog. The KC likens it to dressage or even gymnastics.  It has six ‘levels’ and each level is called a ‘class’. Someone new to the sport will start in Pre-Beginners and Beginners Classes and with more experience qualify and progress to the higher classes right up to Class C, the highest (and most difficult).

Handlers and dogs complete a series of exercises in each class that have to be completed with precision and accuracy.  Both dogs and handlers can lose points for errors and faults

Each level contains a similar set of exercises that increase in difficulty as you progress up the classes.  The exercises are: heelwork, recall, retrieve, sendaway, stays, scent discrimination and distance control.

Throughout the year Jean Walker organises training sessions for obedience and obreedience for Manchester Terriers and their handlers.  If you are interested her contact details are below.

More information about Competitive Obedience can be found in the links listed below:


Club Contact: 
For more information about Manchester Terriers and the sport of Competitive Obedience contact:

Jean Walker
T: 01455 230822
E: sizlindobes@talktalk.net

Obedience News

Crufts – Obreedience

Jean Walker writes:
Well, Manchesters Reunited’s dreams of success in the Obreedience Competition at Crufts came to an end when a couple of mistakes put us right out of contention

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Manchesters Reunited Team Qualify for Crufts

The Manchesters Reunited team have been invited to compete in the Obreedience final at Crufts on Thursday 7 March 2019. Read more

Obreedience and Rally news

The Manchester’s Reunited and the Rat Catchers Obreedience teams have had a very busy week in what must be the hottest week we have had in decades. 

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Obreedience – Manchesters Reunited

The Manchesters Reunited team sallied forth to compete in the Obreedience heat at Stoneleigh Park on Monday 28 May 2018.

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Congratulations to the Rat Catchers and Manchester Reunited Teams

Five teams attended the Obreedience heat at Ormskirk, held by FIT Dogs, on May 19th. It was a great day for Manchester Terriers. The Ratcatchers team came first, and Manchesters Reunited came second.

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