Northern mooch 18/11/18

18/11/18 A glorious November day to Mooch at Anderson boat lift,the second one this month! Thanks to Daniel for leading us on a lovely 6 miles walk. A total of 20.5 MT’s, the.5 being the gawgus puppy topaz, rambled through the woods having a whale of a time!! There was not bad words between any of them, the boys as rowdy as ever, Grace getting involved as always!!! All were unsurprisingly shattered when we got back to the cars and settled down whilst the humans enjoyed a wonderful buffet of hot soups, rolls, savoury cake, pork and egg pies, sausage rolls, crispy, cakes and a superb chocolate and orange cake made by Julie (you’ll have to up your game for your next one Jeanette ) I can confidently say everyone has a fantastic time and great to have more first time Moochers! 

Jane Aspden made some yummy biscuits for the dogs and posted: Thank you to the BMTC Northern Moochers who raised £20 today in aid of Dog Lost by purchasing home made dog biscuits. Don’t forget you can create a profile for your pooches on so that if the worst happens you’re not scrabbling around trying to find a decent picture or remember your mobile number. They will help you with contact details of local rescues and dog wardens etc and have a network of volunteers across the country who will share your ‘lost’ advert with their social media network so you get maximum coverage. (and no, I don’t work for them, I just lost a dog once and wished I’d had this kind of support!)Look out for the Mama Jane’s exclusive seasonal special Turkey and Cranberry biscuits, available at LKA on Sunday 16th December! 

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