Along with being a great family member, the Manchester Terrier was bred for a purpose, to hunt and catch vermin.  It required an intelligent, agile dog that had a quick turn at speed and was fast. These attributes lend themselves to a range of different competitive dog activities that you can enjoy with your Manchester Terrier. We are seeing our versatile breed making themselves known in several Kennel Club (KC) and unaffiliated competitive sports and activities such as agility, flyball, racing, canicross, conformation showing, scent work and obedience.

However, there is a note of caution.  Although the Manchester was bred to work and their willingness to follow their owner combined with their athleticism, speed and exuberance makes them ideal for dog sports, they are a ‘TERRIER’.  They can have a mind of their own and sometimes will test you to the limit.  Training can therefore be a challenge especially in their juvenile years (up to 2.5yrs). However, most owners will say that this is what’s makes it so much fun to work with their dogs.

Information about some of these activities and contact details of Manchester owners involved in them are in the links.  If you are a Manchester Terrier owner involved with a dog sport/activity not listed please let us know and we will add it to our links.

Whatever the activity you decide to do with your Manchester have fun.

Activites News

South East Mooch – Petworth Park 12th Jan GU28 0ET, 10.30am

Parking at Sylvia Beaufoy Centre Car Park.

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Changes to KC agility regulations 2019

Sandra Stringer writes: The Kennel club has made changes to the rules on progression and equipment. Effective from 1st January 2019 experienced handlers with new dogs will enter Grade 2, while new handlers and dogs will enter at Grade 1. Any dog that has previously been entered for a KC show will start at their […]

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Focus Flyball Team qualify for Crufts 2019

Congratulations to Onyx and Garry Minnikin and the Focus Flyball Team who have qualified for Crufts in 2019.

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Obreedience and Rally news

The Manchester’s Reunited and the Rat Catchers Obreedience teams have had a very busy week in what must be the hottest week we have had in decades. 

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