The National Pet Show – 3/4 November 2018

Well that’s the last breed stand for 2018. During the year, there has been thirteen breed stands in total: we had our first Dog Lover Show in Glasgow, two discover dogs, one pet show, and the rest were game and country fairs. All of us involved, dogs, handlers and organisers, have had a fantastic time promoting our amazing breed. MTs are more and more being recognised up and down the country. We have met some lovely people along the way and several of them new owners after seeing the breed for the first time at a breed stand.
I would like to thank everyone who has made all the breed stands such a success and especially those that made this weekend’s at the Pet Show go so well. These were Lesley Olbinson with Mr D and Grace; Vicki and Paul Bundy with Mia, Eira and Sara; Nigel Keates with Betty and Mabel; Sonia Owczarek with Billy and Pixie; David Fowler with Stella and Cooper; Sue O’Boyle and Tina with Charmers, Romeo and Annoria; and not forgetting my two Lexi and Katie.

All the dogs behaved impeccableand were so relaxed on the table being stroked and petted by so many people young and old. Several people expressed a lot of interest in the breed.

A new feature at the show was the opportunity to showcase the breed on the ‘Catwalk’. Each breed was invited to be interviewed on a small stage for 15 minutes about their breed. Lesley and Grace represented the breed on Saturday and me and Katie did our bit on Sunday. They were both excellent ambassadors for the breed.

Finally my thanks go to my John for all the help he has given me this year in preparing for all of the shows, helping me set-up and putting-up with my moans and groans.

The next breed stand will be in Discover Dogs at Crufts 2019.

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