Midlands Mooch – 1 September 2019

Susan O’Boyle reports:

Sunday the 1/9/201 was a lovely morning for a mooch. Setting off from Hawkbatch Wood car park.

It was a good turnout with 19 Mt’s. Louise, Tina, Steve and Mandy, Claire, Willow, Jacqui and Graham, Julie and Bill, Candies mom and dad, and a young couple from Telford whose names I have forgotten, but their dog was gorgeous. Sorry if I have forgotten some people.

Louise planned the route through the forest. Started off great but then we met cars along one of the paths, which is when a few of us got parted from the main group. No one noticed until we stopped to take photos. Unfortunately there was no phone signal, so Graham ran back to see if they could be found. Then Claire Murphy got through to me and I went to meet them.

Candies mom and dad had bought her Hunter along with their girl Lady, but they thought they had seen Hunter take off up a different track, and gave chase, with Claire, Hazel and hubby in tow. All the time Hunter was in front with the pack, totally oblivious of the panic happening behind, as were we. Once I knew what was going on, I texted Candy to tell her mom, we had Hunter and he was fine. They were lost, so found their way to the pub, to wait for us.

Louise only got us lost once, and only found one mountain for us to climb, the small incline she mentioned.

Lunch at the Button Oak in the garden, I think everyone had a good time and I look forward to the next one.

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