Midlands Game Fair – 14-15 September 2019

Ann Harrison writes:

This weekend fourteen Manchester Terriers pulled out all the stops in the Gundog and Heritage Breeds Pavilion at The Midland Game Fair at Weston Park. Ten terriers and their Staff arrived on Friday night to a prime Camping Pitch position reserved by first arrivals Sheldon, Penny and Dottie (with Eva the Lurcher). Arriving somewhat later due to the wonderful non-workings of the M6 were Mabel, Betty, Billy, Pixie, Sophie, Ash and Teal. We soon shook off the frustrations of the delays with a superb long run in the glorious Shropshire Parkland that was to be our back garden for the duration. From our pitches we could see both the House and the herd of Fallow Deer (who were safely behind a fence). Just Magic. Joining us on the stand on Saturday were Vinnie, Rizzo and Bruce with the Plant family and on the Sunday Sue Pinkham brought Katie to the party, who after her Stand duties were completed found a ring with a lure running in it and Katie kept both herself and the crowds entertained. We were also delighted to welcome visitors Milo, Daisy and Lottie who came to find us.

We took part in the Terrier Racing on both days, Sheldon doing what he does best on Saturday, however a ‘Terrier’ the size of a small horse managed to get its’ nose over the line first in the final. Ash lost his sense of direction completely and performed a good imitation of a sheepdog’s ‘outrun’ totally missing the finish line gates, but fortunately his satnav re-booted on the Sunday and he found the shorter route got him to the line much more effectively! He not only went on to win an all MT by a whisker (sorry Linda and Sheldon), he won the Terrier Race final and was crowded Champion. It was a truly exciting experience.

There was a very prestigious Working Terrier Show and with Sheldon and Penny entering the Brace class and Sophie the Veteran, the Judge bravely admitted that they were the first Manchester Terriers he had ever had his hands on. Rest assured dear Reader, he went home educated.

On Saturday afternoon an impromptu Breed Parade was called, and John Harrison proved what a consummate Thespian he is by providing easily the most eloquent and audible commentary of the Parade.

We are so lucky to have such rich and diverse talents amongst our members, you just need the opportunity to show them off! With lots of laughs, fantastic food all homecooked by the gentlemen and the occasional alcoholic tipple there was lots of light relief amongst the serious business of promoting our beautiful and talented dogs.

Thank you to all who came and gave so generously of your time this weekend, but most of all thank you to our wonderful dogs who yet again humoured us with patience and enthusiasm. If you were prompted to join this FB page following a visit to our stand – welcome, we hope you enjoy researching further into our lovely Breed.

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