Midland Game Fair – 15-16 September 2018

Ann Harrison writes:

What a fabulous time we had promoting Manchester Terriers at Weston Park for the Midland Game Fair this weekend.

The depth of knowledge of the crowds at this rural extravaganza never fails to impress. Mostly they are true country people who know their dogs, and we are re-visited by many folk who attend Weston Park every year and always make a point of coming to see us. They even remember the dogs names! There are of course still people who discover the breed for the first time and are soon charmed and enchanted by our wonderful breed. I did however occasionally wonder if we were presenting a true picture when visitors told me how extremely calm and docile they appeared. Having pointed out the intelligence aspect and the “nothing doing, save energy” default, hopefully the balance was re-dressed.

Six of us stayed for the duration, Lesley and Elsie Olbinson with the famous Mr D and Gracie, Nigel Keates with Betty (Mabel had a pressing engagement elsewhere this weekend), Sonia Owczarek with Billy and Pixie, and Chris Harrison and me with Sophie, Ash and Teal. We had re-enforcements on Sunday with Louise, Darren and Phoebe Plant with Rizzo and Vinnie, who wowed the crowds with his flat cap. I think he was the most photographed dog in Staffordshire this weekend! We were also delighted to see Willowe Keeley who after so many years of coming to see us for her Manchester ‘fix’ now has her own baby girl.

We took the opportunities offered to promote the breed in as many ways as possible, although there is no Parade due to the pressure of Gundog Championships in the dog ring. Mr D, Gracie and Sophie took part in the fun dog show where they were well placed, and in a lure coursing display (in the Falconry Ring of all places!) where a very tight course was laid out, Gracie, Teal and Ash had great fun showing off their skills to the delight of the crowd.

As always, we enjoyed long walks around the Park before and after the shifts on the stand, and evenings were spent swapping tales over the meals we take it in turns to produce.
The photos show an attempt at Team Agility over one of the Horse Trials Jumps in the Park, and on duty on the Breed Stand.

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