Malvern Autumn Show -28 – 29th September 2019

Vicky Bundy writes:

We had a great weekend at the Malvern Autumn Show on the 28th and 29th September. On sunny Saturday we were joined by George, Kristine Pollard and their gorgeous well behaved girl Evie. The dogs Sara, Mia, Eira and Ebony did the whole day being petted and doing our breed proud. We also met Peter Purves and he met our dogs on the stand. He did the commentary for the dog parade on Saturday.

On Sunday we had the Pollard’s come for a second day with our crew of dogs. We also had Hazel and Goeff Midwinter with Chilli and Tikka, Susan O’Boyle with 6 month olds Dotty and Frenchie and Louise and Darren Plant with Vinnie, Rizzo and Bruce. Again they all showed the public how special the breed are with many admirers and people learning about a breed they had never heard of before. This is why we do the breed stands, if we educate one person, we have done our job! Thank you for all the people who came with their dogs to make it an enjoyable, fun and informative weekend.

Photos provided by Vicky Buddy and George Pollard

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