Lune Valley Obreedience and Rally – 26 June 2019

Manchesters Reunited had a fabulous day at Lune Valley DTC’s Obreedience and Rally competition held at Westmorland County Show Ground in Cumbria. It is held alongside a week long agility show.

Manchesters Reunited won their first ever 1st place in Obreedience beating three other teams who have all achieved this honour in the past. The team comprised of me and Katie (stop on recall); Brenda Harrison with Sadie (send to bed); Ann Harrison with Ash (retrieve); and Chris Harrison with Teal (scent). Reserve dog was Grace with Lesley Olbinson.
To say we were over the moon was an understatement. With the exception of Teal, this was our most inexperienced team. This was Sadie’s first heat after a year out on maternity leave; Ash’s first heat in a year whilst his hormones raged and Katie’s first one in a year whilst she grew up. We could not have asked for more.
We had a fabulous write-up from the judge Gail Holl:

“1st Manchester Reunited – The heelwork was fantastic today, the start and finish lines were slightly uneven but the halt in the middle was superb. The team only managed to lose 2 out 40 for the set exercises, just a slight hiccup which I’m sure can be rectified. I didn’t realise they hadn’t won a heat before and they were so happy when they found out so very well done.”

We all received a lovely rosette and engraved glass flute. Something to treasure in the future.

In Rally, Katie went on to gain her first Excellant at L2 with score of 197 and Grace also qualified at L2 just missing out on an excellent score.

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