Living Heritage Country Show, Cheshire 2018

Ann Harrison writes:

The Living Heritage Country Show held at Tabley, Cheshire for three days over the August Bank Holiday weekend hosted a full contingent of Manchester Terriers and their Staff manning the Breed Stand. Typical Bank Holiday weather on the Sunday made the occasion rather an endurance test, so it seemed kinder to split the rota into four slots instead of the usual two so no-one had to do more than two hours on duty. It was however quite dry under the canvas of the stand, so some folk chose to remain in there out of the rain!

We were delighted to welcome a great many visitors with their MT puppies as well as older dogs, especially when the timing of their arrival meant they could join us for one of the the twice daily Breed Parades in the main Dog Ring. It was lovely to meet up again with one lady who first met the breed at Tabley last year, and here she was with her own Special Girl this year! This is what makes it all worthwhile.

As always, the Straight Racing had a strong entry of black and tan missiles, with Linda Walker’s Penny and Sheldon in red hot form taking it in turns to win on each of the three days.

The Chase the Bunny where the lure runs around the ring in a large arc was also enjoyed by our lot, who play the game properly and follow the lure just as if it was real prey. Unfortunately, this is not the case with other contestants who cheat mercilessly and make their way straight from the start line to the finish and virtually sit there waiting for the lure to take its circuitous route to the end. Perhaps we need to suggest a zig zag course in the future!

Other Have a Go Events enjoyed by our lot included the Agility and the Fastest Recall, which saw Teal win by .1 of a second from her brother Fen on the Saturday.

As always, for those able to stay overnight the après Stand Duty was first class, and we had some most convivial evenings sampling the wares that folk had brought with them both edible and quaffable. The dogs also loved the evening walks around the huge perimeter grass fields with up to 13 dogs all running about loose, mostly trying to find the best things to roll in!

I would like to extend huge thanks to those who give up so much of their time, let alone annual leave to put themselves out there for the Breed. These hardy souls travel the length and breadth of the country to publicise our breed and give the public the opportunity to see them in the flesh. On this occasion: Linda Walker with Sheldon and Penny, Dave Fowler with Stella and Cooper, Martin Kirkbride with Drake and Izzy, Sonia Owczarek with Pixie and Billy, Nigel Keates with Mabel and Betty, Nicola and Amelia Williams with Fred, Sue Andrew with Fen and Chris Harrison with Sophie, Ash and Teal.

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