Kent Mooch – Hucking Estate- 7th April 2019

Sarah Turner writes:
A record-breaking Kent Mooch was had on Sunday 7 April 2019 with no less than 21 Manchester Terries plus Twiglet, the whippet, all with their faithful owners.  Despite the fog I think they all had a good time. It was a shame also that there were lambs in all the fields so that they could not have a good old-fashioned game of Chase and be Chased. 

All dogs got on very well, Dexter and Chester even managed to hold truce for the day. As usual there was a blossoming romance on the Mooch, this time between Obi and Ronnie (or Veronica when she is being naughty).

Many new dogs and people on this mooch some of which I did not even know lived so close to home.  A total of 11 Kent MT, newbies from Kent were the lovely Derek with his owner Charlotte, Billy one of the senior dogs aged 9. He kept up well with the pack with Dad Tom, Mum Sheila and Aunty Maureen for moral support. Also Watson with his Mum Rose and his Dad who came along for the breakfast and just a short walk as Rose is recovering from surgery on her foot. Then we had little Sheila whose new BF is Penny with her Family who travelled down from Hertfordshire (sorry Neil, I do not remember your Wife’s and Son’s names).

Thanks to the guys that travelled over the water from Essex and Suffolk, I do hope you all paid your Dartford Crossing fee and had good journeys home.

Thank you also goes to Linda, Penny and Sheldon’s Mum, and Helen Binky’s mum for doing their best with the photography in the fog.  I am afraid no far reaching views from the North Downs all the way to London this time. Group photographs were taken at midday.

I know a few of the Kent dogs could not make this one, perhaps we will see you next time.

Thanks for coming, see you all again soon.

Sarah, Paul, Dexter and Ellie.

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