KC Proposed Changes to Agility Height Categories

Sandra stringer writes:

The Kennel Club (KC)has just published the minutes of the July Agility Liaison Council Meeting.

In it they propose increasing the number of height categories from three to four and reducing the jump heights. The change may benefit some of our Manchester boys who are over 17″.

Most Manchester Terriers are in medium but some of the boys over 17″ currently have to compete over 650cm fences as opposed to 450cm for under 17″. The new heights would mean they would compete over 500cm jumps so are much better for dog that are just over the medium height limit.

It is also proposed the seven grade system is maintained but new dogs with experienced handlers would enter at Grade 2, rather than Grade 3 as was previously the case. Grade 1 will be limited to partnerships where the dog, owners or handler has not had two wins, one in agility, at grade 1. Both of these proposals are due to come into effect on 1st Jan 2019 subject to ratification.

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