Judge’s Critique BMTC Open Show – 24 February 2018

Judge: Miss Estella Saxton (Rattustrap)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Officers, Committee & Membership of the Club for inviting me to judge the 2018 Open Show. It really is an honour. Also thank you to my stewards who kept the ring flowing smoothly all day.

On the day I felt the bitches were overall better for quality. Since my last appointment I found movement in profile has improved but loose shoulders, even in mature exhibits, is very apparent. Also tan markings should be a rich mahogany. This is such a distinctive breed feature. Many exhibits had dark brown ‘tan’ with muddy markings which is not breed standard. All exhibits had correct scissor bite dentition.

Special Veteran Dog/ Bitch 7-9 Years
What a way to start the day. 3 quality exhibits.
6 (3) 1, Dunford, Akrigg & Waltons CH/ NDL CH Quixol Alexander. This 8-year-old male screams Manchester. A strong unmistakable outline and although tan beginning to fade, perfect markings throughout. Jet black shining coat covering hard, well-conditioned muscle. Strong wedge to head with a keen sparkling dark eye. Well set ears although could be carried a little higher. Excels in body with a deep chest flowing into a shapely tuck with the slight rise to loin above. Movement a tad erratic at times but once settled was beautiful to watch with correct reach and drive. Pleased to award him BOS & BVIS.
2, Knights CH Talanors Taylor Made Treat. A girl I have judged before to top honours and still catches the eye. Beautiful dark almond eye in a correct wedged head giving a strong but feminine expression. Ears carried perfectly. Neck has correct arch and leads into well laid shoulders. Carrying a little too much weight in body making her loose a little shape. Rear still strong with perfect tail carriage. Handled sympathetically but didn’t have much enthusiasm on the move which was disappointing. Still pleased to award her BVB. 3, Dunford & Akriggs CH/ NDL CH Paucelin Armana By Quixol.

Special Veteran Dog/ Bitch 10+
2(1) 1, Wickers Mimbre Solitaire JW. 10-year-old girl who still is as fit as a fiddle. Feminine and elegant throughout and ideal for size. Lovely expression to her wedged head. Balanced angles fore and rear with a compact well tucked body between. Tending to crab on the move but showed reach and drive in profile.

Minor Puppy Dog 0

Puppy Dog 2(0)
1, Cartwrights Digelsa Dream Machine. 11-month-old very raw puppy. Well up to size and doesn’t need to grow on. All legs at the moment but well angled and should have a good shape once mature. Head very striking with a lovely dark eye. Tan should be brighter, and markings could be clearer. Throwing his legs around and front very loose but maturity will help this. Would benefit from ring craft training but nice to see both dog and handler enjoying the day.
2, Phillips’ Red Rose Trail Blazer. Another raw leggy boy. Good shape for age and has correct rich mahogany tan & markings. Strong head but eye a little light and ears very flighty. As 1st, erratic on the move but went well when settled.

Junior Dog 1(0)
1, Eaglespur Dutch Devotion. 13-month-old quality male. Would like more of him everywhere and more weight on him, but in perfect proportion throughout. Correct ears made his strong well filled head very eye catching. Arched neck with enough length led to compact & elegant body with arch over his loin. Coat dense and gleaming. Would prefer a darker, richer tan and stronger thumbprints. His young handler did struggle with him a little, but his movement was a joy to watch as he had each & drive with a light flowing action. Straight and true all ways. Once settled one of the best movers of the day.

Beginners Dog 1(0)
1, Digelsa Dream Machine

Maiden Dog 2(0)
1, Digelsa Dream Machine.
2, Red Rose Trail Blazer

Novice Dog 2(0)
1, Aspdens Exdraco Tony Wilson. !deal height dog of nearly two years. Well made & very elegant. Colour and markings correct in all aspects. Head strong with noticeable underjaw and fill under dark almond eyes. Would like more weight on him which would fill out his body and strengthen his top line which appeared a little flat. Moved smoothly around the ring, straight movement coming & going.
2, Red Rose Trail Blazer

Graduate Dog 6(0)
1, Exdraco Tony Wilson. Won class by quite a margin.
2, O’Boyles Paucelin Furet At Rufagga. 3-year-old male in good coat and well-muscled. Correct markings. Chest noticeably deep, ribs well sprung and elegant tuck behind them. Tail set a little high and carried a little high. Moved well on the day.
3, Sharpes Erkenwyne Othello At Rosettia.

Post Graduate Dog 4 (1)
1, Turners Harkeats Lord Likely. 6-and-a-half-year-old male. Strong in bone giving him lots of substance. Muscles noticeable without being overdone. Tan staring to grey but markings still correct. Head well filled but a little blunt in muzzle giving him a square nose. Ears well set but not carried to his advantage. Balanced angles and body compact. Back did tend to roach when stood and on the move but did move well for his handler.
2, Wagstaffs Westwytch Duke Of Earl. Nearly 3-year-old male who I feel still has a little more maturing to do. Saying that he was well muscled and in good condition. Ears were a tad erratic but when held they framed his wedged head to perfection. Strong front with legs well under him. Underneath deep with correct tuck but topline rose to early. Moved ok all ways but tail was carried a little too high.
3 Withdrawn

Limit Dog 9(0)
1, Holmes Egloshayle Black Dylan. Caught my eye immediately in the class. Compact in body with elegant flowing lines throughout. Coat shone like polished coal and tan a gleaming mahogany over a superbly conditioned hard body. All markings correct. Head fitted the standard perfectly with a good wedge, fill under the eye and a dark expressive almond eye. Very balanced and showed in his light flowing movement which covered the ground well. Really pushed for top honours but was throwing a rear leg in the challenge. Pleased to award him RBD.
2, Straughan & Cripps Talanors In For A Treat. A compact ideal height 2-year-old male. In hard fit condition however muscles are a tad bulky in places making him loose elegance. Shorter head but still wedged with a dark sparkling eye. Ears set well but not carried to his advantage which does tend to spoil his head piece. Well angulated both ends and front legs underneath showing forechest with chest to elbow. Back tending to roach making him fall away at the loin. Handled to perfection and moved very well on the day just would like lighter foot fall.
3, Hebbs Paucelin Falster

Open Dog 3(0)
1, Charltons Digelsa Done And Dusted At Lizelms. 2-year-old male in tip top well-toned condition. Tan quite dark and markings muddy but still has time to clear and tan brighten. Head strong with ears set and held to perfection. Elegant neck and clean front. Chest to elbow. Top line a little flat when stood and tail could be lower set. Correct turn of stifle. Handled well the class which showed in his movement which was straight coming and going. Unfortunately began to pace in the challenge.
2, Walshaws CH Talanors Diamonds And Dreams Avec Janmark. The correct tan and markings immediately stood out on this well-muscled 3-year-old. Body not as compact as it should be which did spoil his overall outline. Wedged head with noticeable underjaw and filled beneath a dark almond eye. Ears perfect and used in the ring. Strength and correct length to a well crested neck. Did look a little stuffy over the shoulder and back did dip behind the wither, but he has balanced angles front and rear, with a well-turned stifle. Profile movement faultless with reach and drive in abundance and one of only a couple of males who held his tail correctly on the move.
3, Harrisons CH Magpiebank Ash.

Minor Puppy Bitch 0

Puppy Bitch 2(0)
1 Walshaws Janmark Back T’Black. Shapely & feminine girl who was well conditioned and very together for age. Head smooth and filled where required. Eye expressive and dark with the tips of the ears just above. Crest to neck noticeable, flowing into an elegant body. Had the slight rise of loin required, giving her an ideal tail set. Good depth of chest for one so young and forelegs well under. Would prefer brighter tan and denser coat. Had lots of ring presence & moved very well. Well-deserved BPIS
2, Goodwins Digelsa Date Night At Holtaire. 10-month-old raw puppy. Pretty and very feminine without being twee in any way. Has shot up in leg and body yet to catch up making her out of proportion and quite tall looking at the moment. Saying that she has a compact shapely body that once filled will be very elegant. Strength to head with the required dark almond eye but would like more length to skull and ear could be carried a little higher. Very well handled and movement in profile has the reach and drive you would wish to see. Does need to tighten coming and going which will come. I look forward to seeing this girl mature as I feel she will be one to watch. RBPIS

Junior Bitch 1(0)
1 Knights Talanors Typically Special. Just a year old and very together for age. Not overdone in any way. Nicely compact with bone, substance, and flowing lines throughout. Pretty head but would like a tad more length. Beautiful almond sparkling eye with fill under. Good length to neck with noticeable crest. Clean smooth muscle over the shoulder and a good spring of rib with shapely tuck behind. Pleasing turn of stifle. Tending to roach a little when stood but top line held perfectly on the move showing the slight rise at the loin. Moved well all ways. Another to watch in the future and came close to top honours today.

Beginners Bitch 0

Maiden Bitch 2(0)
1, Janmark Back T’Black.
2, Haywards Rosettia Rhapsody. Nicely compact bitch with a correct lay of shoulder and turn of stifle. Body was looking a little shapeless as she was carrying to much weight on the day. Pretty head and eye dark enough, but round, spoiling her expression somewhat. Ears a good size and well set but carried low. Movement was straight and true all ways and handled very well.

Novice Bitch 3(0)
1, Janmark Back T’Black.
2, Haywards Rosettia Rhapsody.
3, Turners Westwytch Duchess De Burgh.

Graduate Bitch 3(0)
1 Keates Simjest Lady Tiana. Tall girl of nearly 3 years. Good for substance and in fit hard condition throughout. Pleasing wedged head with length to skull and eye of correct shape and colour. Ears are not her fortune and were carried very low which did tend to spoil her strong head. Elegant neck leading to a straight front which was well underneath. Chest to elbow with spring of rib and shapely tuck. Back did tend to flatten when stood so losing her loin rise. Rear strongly muscled and well angled. Would like cleaner markings and stronger thumbprints but tan was a rich gleaming mahogany. Moved well.
2, Harrisons Larkswing Belle Star Ideal sized pretty bitch with a sweet expression. Head could have more fill but still pleasing to the eye. Would like more of her everywhere but has the compact elegant shape which fits the standard when stood. Back did tend to roach on the move but moved ok when settled.
3, Westwytch Duchess De Burgh.

Post Graduate Bitch 3(0)
1, Simjest Lady Tiana.
2, Sharpes Rosettia Ruby Reflection AW(B). 5 year old feminine girl of ideal height. Enough bone and substance for frame and hard condition throughout. Lots of elegance to this girl with lovely flowing lines and curves where they should be. Moved as one with handler and stepped out on the day.
3, Larkswing Belle Star

Limit Bitch 4(0)
1, Savilles Simjest Back To Black By Dobermatian JW. On the tall side but this doesn’t detract from her quality. Dense shining jet black jacket with perfectly marked rich mahogany tan. Really liked her length of skull which was smooth perfectly wedged and filled. Melting dark almond eye. Small ears were set and carried with tip to the eye. Long tapering neck with noticeable crest. Layback to shoulder showing some forechest. Straight forelimbs with a slight spring at the pastern compact in body but tending to flatten in back a little. Strongly muscled rear. Elegant from nose to tip of tail. Movement was flowing and light. Reach and drive in abundance. A joy to watch. Pushed hard all the way. RBIS
2, Harrisons Magpiebank Teal. Another elegant shapely girl Ears when settled set her wedged head off to perfection. Shoulders well laid, chest deep and spring to rib. Well cut up behind. Outline spoilt by rising a tad before the loin making her croup slope away too early. Correct turn of stifle. Moved well in profile but moving a little close coming and going.
3, Knights Talanors Diamond Treat.

Open Bitch 4(1)
1, Barlows Nightfury Bold Venture JW. Very pretty bitch with strength all through. Ideal for height with bone and substance. Hard flat muscle and in A1 condition. Smooth head with a keen dark eye and alert expression. Ears small, set and carried perfectly. Tan and markings correct throughout. Compact and balanced with laid back shoulder and the second thigh gives a good turn of stifle. Oozing with style today and up on her toes. Really had that look at me both standing and on the move. Handled to perfection. My BIS and very well deserved.
2, Walkers CH Talanors Treat Me Good At Sizlin. Not as much bone and substance as 1 but more than enough for her compact frame. Would like a little more leg length. In super condition which showed in her muscle tone and gleaming coat. Very pretty headed with small ears but could be carried a little higher. Eye almond and dark. Looking a little stuffy in neck making her appear heavy over the shoulder and is a little wider in front that I’d like. Good for body qualities with a deep chest, well cut up and slight loin rise. Croup slopes neatly to a well set and carried tail. Should have more rear angulation. Moved straight coming and going. As 1 handled to perfection.
3, Symingtons CH Talanors Secret Treat

Junior Handling 6-11 Years 1(0)
1, Tia Lee aged 9. I understand this was her very first time in the ring handling. She wasn’t flustered at all and really tried to get the best out of her boistrous young male, stopping and collecting him when he began to get excited. Listened to all instruction and executed them to the best of her ability. A very good first attempt. Well done.

Junior Handling 11-16 Years 1(0)
1, Laura Sharpe aged 14. Exhibit handed sympathetically and gently. Carried out my instruction proficiently and was in control at all times. Didn’t put herself between me and her dog and was very aware of my movements in the ring. Moved the dog with a professionalism that was a joy to see. Best Junior Handler

Brace 2(1)
1, Mr C & Mrs G Knight. A well matched brace. Handled well and moved well.

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