Judge’s Critique BMTC Championship Show – 7 October 2017

Judge: Andrew Brace

As the scheduled Judge, Andrew Brace was not available, I (Max King) was asked to bring my appointment forward a year, which I agreed to do, wishing Andrew a speedy recovery and back to fitness as quickly as possible. I understood that in judging at this Show I was the first non breed specialist to judge, for which I felt deeply honoured, I was impressed by the sporting behaviour of all the Exhibitors and how my decisions were taken.
JD (2) 1. Harrison’s Magiebank Tern for Texanger. Nice size, shape and outline, good head, correct bite, well set ears giving keen expression, body coming on well, a little erratic at times on the move and tending to carry tail a little too high. 2. Baird’s Paucelin Ibis. Larger type throughout, a little heavy in ear, good jaw, nice neck, strong hindquarters, with well angulated and good bend of stifle. PGD (6) 1. Gray & Travis’ Brockenella Hector Von Clanmarshal. Top sized but all in proportion, good head, clean cut front, well bodied with good tail set, not always settling on the move. 2. Pletz & Kazantis’ Paucelein Duster. Finer type and I would prefer a stronger head, nice overall size and good outline, moved with good reach. 3. Ginter’s Lepommeau Monsieur Alphonse. LD (7.1) 1. Straughan & Cripps’ Talanors in for a Treat. Well made throughout and appearance much improved on the floor when free standing compared to picture on the table, liked head and expression, well bodied with clean shoulders and strong hindquarters. 2. Hebb’s Paucelin Falster. Appearance detracted by tending to overstretch, a little loose in front movement. 3. Stafford’s Westwythch Bolt for Gold. OD (4.1) 1. Carter’s Ch Digelsa Declaration. One I have to declare I have admired and rewarded previously in Group Competition and today had no reason to change my opinion. Outgoing, friendly and demanding attention, liked overall balance, well made head, lovely neck and shoulders, straight clean front, well made body, in super condition, moved soundly. Dog CC and BOB. 2. Walshaw’s Ch Talanors Diamonds N’ Dreams avec Janmark. A worthy champion and unlucky to meet 1 today, one I liked a lot with plenty of positive breed virtues, natural showman, liked size and shape, moved out well. Res Dog CC and RBIS. 3. Hemsell’s Tetani Wizard of Dreams. MPB (4.1) 1. Olbinson & Kelly’s Rattustrap Citra at Carapast. Lovely youngster and not fazed by occasion, head developing well, neat ears, nicely balanced body, moved with purpose. 2. Walshaw’s Janmark Back T’Black. Just needs a bit more maturing and settling down, not always using ears to advantage, very well made front which was demonstrated in good reach and true movement. 3. O’Boyle’s Ruffagga Raspberry Rapsody. PB (6) 1. Knight’s Talanor’s Typically Special. Lives up to her name, elegant youngster and coming together well, liked head and expression, very clean appearance, body developing nicely, moved out well and with confidence. BP. 2. Rattustrap Citra at Carapast. 3. Janmark Back T’Black. JB (3.1) 1. Greenslade’s Utterbygreen Mint Chocolat. Very nice type, liked overall size and balance, well made body and held shape on the move, in final challenge not using ears to advantage. Res BCC. 2. Harrison’s Magiebank Teal. Larger type throughout, but in proportion and neat outline, strong head but let down by ear carriage, good body. NB (3) 1. Janmark Back T’Black. 2. O’Boyle’s Ruffagga Little Primrose. Good basic type but let down by not always cooperating with handler and unsettled on the move. 3. Gray & Travis’ Ruffagga Ghealaich Bhaigh Von Clanmarshal. GB (3) 1. Harrison’s Larkswing Belle Star. Well balanced and just needs a bit firmer handler to get most out of her, nice head and expression with good mouth, nicely marked, when deciding to put it all in moved well. 2. Hemsell’s Tetani Lux Mundi. Nice size but outline let down by tending to overstretch when standing. 3. Keates’ Rattustrap Roaring Meg at Haamblet. PGB (2) 1. Knight’s Talanors Diamond Treat. A for me a treat she was, just over 12 months and maturing well and all coming together, nice head shape and expression improved when bring ears forward, clean front, nice neck and shoulders, good blody with well set tail, moved out soundly. BCC. 2. Tetani Lux Mundi. LB (8.1) Walker’s Talanor’s Treat Me Good at Sizlin. A very nice picture on the table and on the floor, but in the challenge let down her chances by being too cramped up, liked feminine appearance, good head and expression, dark small eye, nicely made body and help shape on the move. Pushed hard for further honours. 2. Olbinson’s Simjest Back to Black by Dobermatian. Larger type than 1 but in proportion and balance, long powerful head with good fill under eyes, well sprung ribs, good topline, well defined markings, moved OK. 3. Tetani Lux Mundi. OB (4.1) 1. Wicker’s Mimbre Bombette. Strongly made bitch and well pulled herself together outline improved, would like better use of ears, good neck, well angulated rear which produced good drive. 2. Keates’ Simjest lady Tiana. Similar attributes to 1 but not as positive on the move. 3. Tetani Lux Mundi. Spec V 7-9 yrs (5.1) 1. Olbinson’s Paucelein Andoni at Carapast. 7.1/2 yrs and retaining colour well, solid throughout, nice outline and appearance. Best Vet. 2. Stedman’s Mansiya Dare to be Different. 7 yrs old, Carrying a little too much weight, good hindquarters. 3. Churms’ Ch Digelsa Dream Maker of Wystry. Spec V 10+ (2.1) 1. Hemsell’s Tetani Spirit of the Wind. 10.1/2 yrs, Alone but deserving winner, another whose markings retained with passing of time, lied overall size and balance. AV bred by Exh (3.1) 1. Hemsell’s Tetani Wizard of Dreams. 2. Dunford, Akrigg & Walton’s Ch/NL Ch Quixol Alexander. AV Not Bred by Exh (8.2) 1. Paucelin Falster. 2.Ginter’s Westwytch La Vie Est Belle. 3. Ginter’s Lepommeau Monsiue Alphonse. Brace (3) 1. Keates, a well matched pair and moved in unison. 2. Hemsells. 3. Stedmans.

Max King (Judge)

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