Judge’s Critique BMTC Championship Show – 6th October 2018

Judge: Mrs Janet Benton (Courtleet)

My thanks to the committee and members for inviting me to judge. All the dogs were in good condition and nicely muscled, all had good clean teeth. Feet gave me some cause for concern as some were rounder than the standard calls for, round eyes, however seem a thing of the past. My thanks to my two ring stewards and the table stewards for their help and assistance. I have to say I had very mixed feelings after the show as I noticed the absence of many long term exhibitors although it was heartening to see many faces new to me.

Minor Puppy Dog -no entries

Puppy Dog 1 entry
1.Boot’s Harliboo Word Gets Around, Nice head, length of neck leading into good shoulders. Good topline but rather unsettled on the move.

Junior Dog, 1 entry
1. Casey’s Ruffaga Tootie Fruitie Good for size with a very nice head with keen expression. Not showing himself to advantage today.

Novice Dog 1 entry
1. Casey’s Ruffaga Tootie Fruitie

Graduate Dog 2 entries, 1 absent
1. Aspden’s Exdraco Tony Wilson, Pleasing head unfortunately not using his ears to his advantage. Good forequarters and topline moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog, 2 entries
1.Exdraco Tony Wilson
2. O’Boyle’s Paucelin Furet at Ruffaga, smaller than 1, but has nice proportions, was unsettled on the table and paced when he moved.

Limit Dog 5 entries 2 absent
1. Spain’s Talanors Diamond Tornado. Very smart dog. Very nice build allround and very balanced. Well shaped head neck and shoulders, moved with purpose. Pushed hard for RCC
2. Willis’ Talanors Super Treat Smaller than 1st but still showing excellent breed points, not moving as well as 1.
3. O’Neill’s Megellan Rudi Blue

Open Dog 4 entries
1. Straughan’s Talanors In For A Treat, Caught my eye from the first. Nice size dog with an excellent head and front. Has good angulation and well built rear end . Moved and handled well DCC.
2. Church’sRattustrap Charlie Brown Another dog with good angulation , Nice head and front, did not have quite the drive of 1 on the move.
3. Hebb’s Paucelin Falster

Champion Dog 3 entries
A real headache of a class, all three are worthy champions and excellent specimens of the breed. It came down to performance on the day.
1.Harrison’s CH Magpiebank Ash.A dog that is on the bigger side, but has beautiful proportions. Had that extra bit of sparkle DRCC and BOS.
2.Carter’s CH Digelsa Declaration. Another well made dog as is 3.
3.Walshaw’s CH Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch 2 entries
1. Symes and Pease Paucelin Kite Promising pup with a nice head, very collected movement for one so young.
2. O’Boyle’s Ruffaga for Annoria another promising pup but seemed very overawed both on the table and on the move.

Puppy Bitch 3 entries
1.Judge’s Harliboo Pretty in Pink at Ysabelkid, Larger bitch but all in proportion. Moved very well. Has a good head and used her ears to advantage.
2. Clark’s Erkenwyne Enchanted, smaller than 1 but nicely shaped. Seemed somewhat overawed and failed to make the best of herself.
3. O’Boyle’sRuffaga for Annoria.

Junior Bitch 3 entries 1 absent
1.Church, Saxton and Dale’s Rattustrap Fade to Black Nice for size, an excellent head and nice body shape. Liked her hindquarters and has very good rich tan. Moved and handled well, Just needs to mature to trouble the best.
2.Clark’s Erkenwyne Enchanted

Novice Bitch 3 entries 1 absent
1. Judge’s Harliboo Pretty in Pink at Ysabelkid
2. Clark’s Erkenwyne Enchanted

Graduate Bitch 3 entries 2 absent
1.Spain’s Pinkadees Golden Monkey The flying ears detracted from her outline, didn’t move quite as well as her build would suggest.

Post Graduate Bitch 4 entries 2 absent
1. Cawley’s Marlablue Queen Bee feminine bitch with a well shaped head and forequarters. Moved very well.
2. Geraghty’s Mojero Solamente Uno Her refusal to use her ears spoilt her expression and although a well shaped dog did not move as well as 1.

Limit Bitch 7 entries
This and the following class contain excellent bitches which bodes well for the breed. All fitted the standard well and it was difficult to split them.
1. Olbinson and Kelly’s Rattustrap Citra just had the edge on movement today,
2. Walshaw’s Janmark Back T’ Black , moved slightly loose in front.
3. Goodwin’s Digelsa Date Night at Holtaire

Open Bitch 8 entries 2 absent
1. Knight’s Talanors Typically Special, very feminine bitch with good neck and shoulders, nice topline and very good hindquarters. Moved and handled well BCC and BIS.
2. Barlow’s Nightbury Bold Venture, another very nice bitch with very good breed points, preferred the darker tan of 1.
3.Greenslade’s Utterbygreen Mint Chocolate

Champion Bitch 3 entries
Another class that had me nitpicking to split them. As with the Champion dog class all are excellent specimens of the breed.
1. Walker’s Ch Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin ShCM Compact feminine bitch with rich tan and a keen expression RBCC.
2. Saxton, Dale and Emrick’s Ch Rattustrap Bitter n Twisted, Very showy bitch with excellent stifles, Nice head with dark sparkling eyes. Just lost out on front movement.
3. Cawley’s Ch Marlablue In A Twirl

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (7-9 years)5 entries 1 absent
1.O’Neill’s Ticknell Hidden Treasures at Megellan Mature bitch carrying an extra few ounces, this didn’t detract from her build and movement.
2.Ch/NEL Ch Paucelin Armana by Quixol, finer build than 1, both of these are consummate showgirls.
3. Cawley’s Victor James Montague

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (10years plus) 3 entries 1 absent
1.Wicker’s Mimbre Solitaire Seemed to be enjoying her day and strode round the ring as if she owned it. Both these bitches have excellent hindquarters and this showed in the drive with which they moved.
2.Geraghty’s Tyburn Laodice Not quite as enthusiastic as 1, but still a well made bitch.

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