Hampshire Country Fair – 8-9 May

It was our first outdoor breed stand last weekend at Hampshire Country Fair at Netley Marsh and was it hot! hot! hot! We set up on Saturday and it was all systems go on Sunday and Monday. Thanks go to all the helpers who coped so well entertaining the visitors both days on the stand, in the parades and participating in the races in all that heat. The helpers were Sheldon and Penny with Linda Walker; Stella and Cooper with David Walker; Sadie with John and Brenda Harrison; Ronnie with Tracey and Mick Whiteley; Dante with Linda Shaw; Narla and Keeta with Ann Wadey; and not forgetting my John and Katie. Lexi was in solitary confinement after coming into season two months early. At least she will be OK for the European Happening in June.

It was nearly too hot for those of us who enjoy a bit of terrier racing. Wet red tea towels doubled up as cooling coats before and after each race with cold water poured over in good measure.

Dante made his debut race on Sunday and although he gave chase to Penny she went onto to win their heat. Ronnie and Katie also made valiant attempts in their heats although Katie did try to nobble her opponents. Linda Walker’s Sheldon was the star of the day, winning all his heats and was overall winner.  Unfortunately, the same was not the case on Monday. Sheldon (nor Linda) was not best pleased when my Katie sabotaged his chances when, much to the amusement of the crowd, she grabbed his collar in the final heat in attempt to overtake him. I saw ‘nothing’ however John Harrison has provided us with the photographic evidence. A great piece of photography.

Whilst my Katie was entertaining the crowds in the races Tracey Whiteley entertained us by winning the record in the number of drinks she tipped over in one night.

Although very tiring for both humans and dogs we have a fantastic time promoting the breed alongside other like-minded people. It is one big community helping each other.

Looking forward to doing it all over again at Burghley Game and Country Show on 27-28 May.



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