Good Citizen Dog Scheme

It is recommended that as soon as your puppy has had its puppy vaccinations you should start puppy socialisation classes and training to prepare it for its future life. The Kennel Club’s (KC) Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training programme in the UK and we encourage new Manchester Terrier puppy owners to enrol as soon as possible.

The Scheme promotes responsible dog ownership by teaching owners to train their dogs for everyday life situations. There are four levels starting with Puppy Foundation, then moving onto Bronze, Silver and Gold, each one developing an owners understanding, while building a dog’s confidence and levels of domestic obedience skills.

GCDS Award Descriptions

For information about each level click on the link.


Training Clubs

The KC currently has around 1,800 dog training clubs and other organisations around the country actively administering the scheme. Follow link for registered trainers and clubs:


Your Achievements

The BMTC celebrates the breed’s achievements in the KC’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme in the BMTC Yearbook and in the news section below. To have your dog’s achievements included please contact:

Ann Harrison
T: 01260 279135

Good Citizens Awards

Good Citizen passes 2018

2018 GCDS Passes for Manchester Terrier Club. Puppy Foundation. Peter & Denise Hoyle’s Rosie – Rosettia Snow Maiden – July 2018 Carol Wicker’s Blue – Mimbre Bombadier – October 2018 Steve & Sandra Stringer’s Dixie – Mimbre Dixie Belle – October 2018 Clare Murphy’s Brannagh – Digelsa Dark Emerald – October 2018 (IKC) Hazel Midwinter’s […]

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