Fun day – Rally Workshop and competition

Thanks to everyone who joined me and Vicki Sharpe at the Rally Workshop/practice session and for those of you entered the rally competition at the fun day on Saturday. We had 17 entries which was brilliant. It was lovely to judge teams working so well together in a new activity. I was very impressed with the standard of all the teams and I hope to see some of you competing in Rally soon. Congratulations and well done to everyone.

The top six teams on points were:
Sharon Hough & Jester
Judy Thurlow & Kita
Ingrid Williams & Tandy
Marie Goodchild & Eddie
Sandra Stringer & Turpin
Ingrid Williams & Ginny

Thanks also go to Vicki Sharpe with her excellent scribing and to you and Laura Sharpe for helping me and set-up and clear the ring. Thanks also go to Sharon Hough for helping taking the entries and scoring.

Photos provided by Linda Walker

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