Essex/Suffolk Mooch – 17 November 2019

Judy Thurlow writes:

What a lovely day we had for our autumn mooch. Cold but dry and no wind!

16 Manchesters, 6 other breeds with all their servants. All the dogs got on as always and had a blast as they were off lead for nearly the whole walk. We did get stopped a few times by other walkers wanting to know about the breed! They do make a spectacle when all running together, don’t they!! We had to make a detour because of flooded fields!!

Most of us followed our walk with a lovely roast dinner and chat, nobody in the restaurant realised we had 12 dogs asleep under the table!!!! Thank you all for coming. We had: Claude, Rameses, Obi, Flapjack, Pepper, Bertie, Hilda, Chester, Ronnie, Roxy, Obi, Maude, Oscar, Nero, Leonard, my Gypsy and Kita. I know I have forgotten a couple, so sorry, I am hopeless with names!!

Thank you to Cristabel and Kaz for taking lots of photos, many of which can be seen on the here and fb fan page.

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