The Dog Lovers Show – 8-9 September 2018

Sue Pinkham writes:
The SEC in Glasgow was the location for the first Dog Lovers Show in Scotland and we were there to share in their success with our breed stand. Not many Manchester Terriers live in Scotland so this was our chance to get them seen. From the minute the doors opened on Saturday to the doors closing on Sunday we had a constant stream of people and children visiting the stand. As normal most people had never heard of or seen a Manchester before. There was a great amount of interest and several people revisited the stand wanting more information. We even ran out of leaflets on Sunday afternoon.

The weekend was long and tiring for both the dogs and the handlers and they all did a great job. It was a very new experience for most of the dogs and after the initial settling down period they were amazing ambassadors for the breed. They loved every minute. We were very proud of our dogs and breed.

Manning the stand from Scotland was Wayne Travis and Dubhglas Gray with Willow and Baxter; Fiona MacDougall with Dexter; and James and Jackie Simpson with Creed. With so few owners in Scotland me and John and Susan O’Boyle with her sister Tina Watkins traveled up from the Midlands to help. Unfortunately, disaster struck and both my bitches, Lexi and Katie came into season and were unable to do their bit on the stand. Susan had three dogs with her, Charmers, Romeo and Annoria.

We must thank Susan for the fantastic black ‘n’ tan cupcakes. The display looked wonderful and the cakes were delicious.

We understand that the show will run again next year and hopefully we will there. Me and John and the ‘girls’are now enjoying a week’s holiday in Ayr before we return home.

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